TES in Depth: Croatia’s Albina with Tick Tock

TES in Depth: Croatia’s Albina with Tick Tock

Next up in our reviews we are talking about the Croatian Eurovision entry ‘Tick Tock’. ‘Tick Tock’ will be sung by Albina following her win at Dora 2021. Albina will perform in the First Semi Final. If you want to listen to our detailed review of this song please watch the video below:

A look into Albina’s career so far!

Albina is fairly new to the music industry, having started out her career in 2019. Albina appeared on the Croatian version of ‘The Voice’ where she placed third. Following her appearance on The Voce, Albina was signed to Universal Music Croatia and released her debut single in October 2020. Albina was then selected to participate in Dora 2021 with ‘Tick Tock’.

Our opinions on ‘Tick Tock’


Opinion: For me, I enjoy Tick Tock when it comes on, on Spotify, however I do find myself at other times forgetting about this song. I feel there are stronger uptempo female tracks in the contest this year. This is by no means a bad song and I do feel this is a different direction for Croatia. I am unsure how this will fare in such a strong semi final however.

Overall Ranking: 24th

Prediction: 8th-11th in the semi, 18th-22nd in the final.


Opinion: “Tick Tock” is an interesting song for me. When the snippets for Dora 2021 came out, the song passed me by somewhat, as it did when the national final took place. However, since then it’s grown to be one of the earworms of the season and I often find myself getting into it when I least expect it. Some of the lyrics are a little questionable, but it’s not the worst detriment to the song. I do think perhaps fans are overhyping this, but it’s still one of Croatia’s best entries for years and I fully expect a respectable position for them!

Overall Ranking: 18th

Prediction: 7th-11th in the semi-final. If it qualifies, 13th-17th in the final.


Opinion: I’m not sure what about this song makes it click for me so strongly, given I could apply similar criticisms to this than those I’ve applied to other songs this year. However, something about Tick Tock really works for me. I really enjoy the constant, almost ticking rhythm, and the brass elements of the instrumentation. We also know Albina can perform well live, given her fantastic performance as part of Dora this year, which bodes well. If this were in semi-final two, I would feel much stronger about its chances to qualify, and as much as I would love to see this in the final, I worry about it making it.

Overall Ranking: 13th

Prediction: Unfortunately I worry about the chances this has to qualify in such a strong semi-final with a lot of uptempo female numbers, so could see it being 7th-12th in the semi-final. If it makes the final, I can see it on the top half of the right-hand side.

Let us know your thoughts!

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Photo Credit: Borna Hržina

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