TES In Depth: Norway’s TIX with ‘Fallen Angel’

TES In Depth: Norway’s TIX with ‘Fallen Angel’

We are now into the sencond half of the first semi final of Eurovision 2021. The next entry we are going to be looking at is Norway, who will be represented by TIX, with the song ‘Fallen Angel’. You can take a listen to our detailed opinion down below:

A look into TIX’s career so far!

Born Andreas Haukeland, his stage name is derived from his Tourettes Syndrome due to the tics associated with the condition. TIX’s career was really launched in 2016 when he released his debut album  ‘Dømt og berøm‘ which reached number 2 in the Norweigan charts. Andreas is also a successful producer having produced Ava Max’s big smash hit ‘Sweeet But Psycho’.

Our takes on ‘Fallen Angel’


Opinion: I really love this song. There is something about ‘Fallen Angel’ that really touches me I don’t know if its the lyrics or hearing more about TIX’s backstory. As for how it will do however, I am pretty unsure it is a strong semi final and I am not sure how people will interpret the staging etc. I really hope this does qualify however as I think the song is quality and I really enjoy it.

Overall Ranking: 6th

Prediction: 9th-12th in the semi and pains me to say but possibly bottom 5 if it makes the final.


Opinion: It’s incredibly hard to judge a song like “Fallen Angel” without making it sound like a personal attack on the artist. With that being said, I just cannot connect to this song. TIX is by far the best person to sing this song, given how his struggles with mental health have been so widely publicised. However, I just cannot see anything in this that would warrant me voting for it. The staging definitely needs work to stand out from the crowd – though I could see televoters picking up the phone for this purely for the costumes alone. With Norway, it’s definitely a case of whether you can relate to his story, which would determine if you would vote for TIX. I see a lot of people doing so, but is it enough to qualify?

Overall Ranking: 37th

Prediction: 9th-12th in the semi-final. If it qualifies, 17th-22nd in the final.


Opinion: I’ve certainly softened on this song since it won MGP, and it’s a song that I still enjoy listening to when it comes on, but unfortunately, in a year full of songs that are unique and interesting in many different ways, I find Fallen Angel a little too ‘average’ to rank highly this year. I appreciate the lyrics and how they relate to TIX’s own experiences, but feel like the staging from MGP – if they use that or something similar – creates a barrier between him and the audience and makes it difficult to fully portray his connection to the song. I feel like with a little less artifice, this song could do well, but worry it goes too novelty compared to the similarly-themed Amnesia and Voila, and that takes away its power.

Overall Ranking: 34th

Prediction: I can definitely see this qualifying, particularly as it’ll stand out in the running order, but can’t see it making it past the right-hand side of the scoreboard in the final.

Let us know your opinions on ‘Fallen Angel’

There are only 3 of us in our team, so as ever we want your opinions too. Let us know how you feel about ‘Fallen Angel’ by voting in our poll below!

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Photo Credit: NRK/Julia Marie Naglestad

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