TES In Depth: Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið with ’10 Years’

TES In Depth: Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið with ’10 Years’

Next up we look at Daði & Gagnamagnið who will be representing Iceland at this year’s Eurovision. Daði & Gagnamagnið will sing ’10 years’ at the contest. To hear our opinions on the song watch the video below:

A Look into Daði & Gagnamagnið ‘s career so far

Daði Freyr is the man behind the madness. Daði & Gagnamagnið attempted to represent Iceland at Eurovision back in 2017 with the song ‘Is This Love?’, where they placed second. Gagnamagnið are all important people in Daði ‘s life, members include his wife and his sister. in 2020 the won the Icelandic selection with their song ‘Think About Things’, the song went on to become a hit all over Europe and would of been the favourite to win Eurovision 2020, had the contest gone ahead. In 2021 the group returned with the song ’10 Years’ which includes the voices of fans in the choir (Including one of our own team).

Our team’s opinions on ’10 Years’


Opinion: This style of music just isn’t really for me. I didn’t really appreciate ‘Think About Things’ and I do kind of feel the same about this. I do however, really love that Daði’s songs all seem to have really sweet personal meanings too them. Another thing that I really like is that Daði’s music really seems to put smiles on people’s faces during a really hard time.

Overall Ranking: 30th

Prediction: 3rd-6th in the semi, 8th-15th in the final.


Opinion: It was always going to be a tough act to follow yourself – especially when your song was quite possibly one of the most widely-reached Eurovision songs ever. I do think Daði and his team did come up with a competent follow-up song to “Think About Things”. However, I’m not entirely sure how competitive this song actually is, as it feels he wrote this to help boost his career. I don’t see why this wouldn’t do well, so I’m expecting this to reach new highs for Iceland – a potential winner? Perhaps.

Overall Ranking: 24th

Prediction: 1st-5th in the semi-final. 6th-10th in the final.


Opinion: While I enjoyed Think About Things, I never quite understood the extent of the hype that developed around it. On the other hand, I feel like 10 Years is being very much underrated by almost everyone. It’s a delight of a song – upbeat, stylish, quirky, deeply personal, and unashamedly everything that makes Daði’s music tick. The lyrics are truly lovely, and a heartfelt ode to Daði and Árny’s relationship, while also blending some interesting instrumentals with choirs, synths, and yet another TikTok-ready dance. It feels both intimate and personal, as well as completely universal.

Overall Opinion: 12th

Prediction: 1st-5th in the semi-final, and left-hand side in the final. Very possibly a top 10, or even a top 5?

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Photo Credit: Birta Rán

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