TES In Depth: Bulgaria’s VICTORIA with ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’

TES In Depth: Bulgaria’s VICTORIA with ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’

The next country we are going to review for Eurovision 2021 is Bulgaria. This year Bulgaria will be represented by VICTORIA. VICTORIA will sing ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ at this years contest. To hear our opinion on Victoria’s song, please watch this video below:

A look into VICTORIA’s career so far!

Victoria started her career back in 2015 when she starred in The X Factor Bulgaria. Placing forth in The X Factor, the show was a good stepping stone to bigger things for Victoria. Victoria was named as the Bulgarian representative for Eurovision in 2019. In 2020 at the time of the Eurovison cancellation Victoria’s song ‘Tears Getting Sober’ was one of the big favourites to win the contest. it was no surprise that Victoria was invited back to represent her country for 2021. Following fans listening to her album and giving feedback ‘Growing Up is Getting Old’ was revealed as Victoria’s entry this year.

Our takes on ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’


Opinion: This song is pretty good, however I am unsure if it is emotionally impactful as ‘Tears Getting Sober’ was. While I think this song will be an easy qualifier for Victoria, I do not think it will be a huge top 5 hit either, which the bookies currently predict. The staging could change everything for this song which seems to be a running theme this year with a bunch of strong songs, which this still is.

Overall Ranking: 19th

Prediction: 3rd-6th in the semi final, 8th-15th in the final.


Opinion: I’d like to say that this song touched something within me and that I had this as my first place – I really would. But something in this song is just making it entirely inaccessible to me. I think there’s a lot of potential here and the final minute where the massive crescendo is really helps to elevate the song. However, the difference with this and ‘Tear Getting Sober’ was that the song a bit more movement to it. Victoria herself delivers a flawless vocal performance and you can tell how personal it is to her, but I cannot get behind this, as it gets lost in the crowd for me.

Overall Ranking: 31st

Prediction: 3rd-5th in the semi-final. 6th-12th in the final.


Opinion: It says a lot about this year that a song I love this much still hasn’t quite cracked my top 10. The more I listen to this, the more I find myself falling in love with it. Victoria’s voice is captivating, the lyrics are beautiful, and she has this incredible free, easy, relaxed style and scansion that feels so rare in music generally and has a really poetic quality to it. The final four lines particularly, where it fades and ultimately ends with her singing a cappella, give me goosebumps every time. It feels more mature and developed than Tears Getting Sober, but maintains a lot of the qualities which made it so well-liked by many last year. If anything, I like this even more.

Overall Opinion: 12th

Prediction: 1st-4th in the semi-final, possibly a top 10 in the final.

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Photo Credit: Lora Musheva

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