TES In Depth: Portugal’s The Black Mamba with ‘Love Is On My Side’

TES In Depth: Portugal’s The Black Mamba with ‘Love Is On My Side’

We will next look at Portugal for our Eurovision reviews. Portugal will be represented by the group The Black Mamba. The Black Mamba will sing the song ‘Love Is On My Side’ at the contest. To hear our review on Portugal’s song watch our video below:

The Black Mamba’s career so far!

The Black Mamba have released three albums, these albums have had varying success in Portugal. The latest album released back in 2018 ‘The Mamba king’ was their most successful, peaking at number 5 in the Portuguese album charts. This year the group entered Festival da Canção 2021, the group became the first in it’s history to win the competition with a song entirely in English. ‘Love Is On My Side’ is also the first song ever song completely in English at Eurovision for Portugal.

Our opinions on ‘Love Is On My Side’


Opinion: Since the National Final this has grown on me quite a lot. When this first won I thought it was a bit drab and a bit dull, however after listening a few times I have grown to appreciate it more. I’ve seen a few say that they think this may come last in the semi final, I personally think jurors in particular will enjoy this. I also think some voters will really appreciate the simplicity and the intimacy of the group’s performance.

Overall Ranking: 28th

Prediction: 8th-12th in the semi final, then 23rd-19th in the final if it qualifies.


Opinion: My opinion on this song has not changed at all since it won Festival da Cancao – this is quality. I am in love with the lush instrumentation that helps to add a new dynamic to the song. Yes, it is nostalgic – but it works in such a strong year, you need songs like this to break up the flow. Pedro’s voice and overall aesthetic is also really appealing to the feel of this song too. I love this song, and I do feel many are underrating this. That being said, I highly doubt this would qualify – unless the staging is completely out of this world. I do hope it’s not dead in the water, though!

Overall Ranking: 10th

Prediction: 13th-16th in the semi-final.


Opinion: I really, really want to like this song more than I do. I don’t dislike it by any means – I love Pedro’s voice, the lyrics of the verses are beautiful, and it’s a very stylish piece of jazz (a genre which is so often underrated by Eurovision fans!) However, I can’t quite get over the chorus, and having now listened to The Black Mamba perform a few of their other songs at the online preparties, I can’t help but feel a little let down when everything else I’ve heard from them has been so strong. I could certainly see this qualifying, even if I wouldn’t bet on it, but it could also be lost amongst the other acts in the semi-final, like so many understated performances before it.

Overall Ranking: 34th

Prediction: 8th-13th in the semi-final, mid-lower right-hand side in the final if it qualifies.

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Photo Credit: Arlindo Camacho

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