TES In Depth: Denmark’s Fyr & Flamme with “Øve os på hinanden”

TES In Depth: Denmark’s Fyr & Flamme with “Øve os på hinanden”

We have reached the end of our semi final Eurovision reviews. The last country we will look at before the Big 5 and The Netherlands is Denmark. This year Denmark will be represented by the duo Fyr and Flamme. Fyr and Flamme will sing the song “Øve os på hinanden”. To hear our review of Denmark’s song, please watch the video below:

A look into Fyr & Flamme’s career so far.

Fyr & Flamme aka Jesper Groth and Laurits Emanuel have only recently started their career in September 2020. Despite being new to the music industry they have already had a number one hit in Denmark with the song “Menneskeforbruger”. In 2021 Fyr and Flamme went on to win the Danish National selection for Eurovision with the songs”Øve os på hinanden”. Øve os på hinanden” is the first song sung entirely in Danish since the language rule was abolished in 1999.

Our opinions on “Øve os på hinanden”


Opinion: I personally find this song quite dated and not really in a good way. There is something about this song that makes me quite like it though. “Øve os på hinanden” is definitely one of my guilty pleasures of the year. I see televoters squeezing it into their qualifiers in 9th or 10th however I feel the jury will likely destroy any hopes this has of qualifying. I do feel they must have some biggish plans for staging because there has to be a reason the EBU put this on last in the semi final.

Overall Ranking: 35th – I somewhat like this and it’s 35th shows how strong the year is.

Prediction: 13th – 15th in the semi final.


Opinion: While my opinion has softened on this song, I am also fully convinced that this is going absolutely nowhere. The song is undeniably and unapologetically retro, which is the “in” thing at the moment. However, this would have done far better for Denmark in 1981, not 2021. Both Laurits and Jesper look like they are having a good time and are competent vocalists. I just don’t understand the producers’ decision to put this as a semi-final closer…unless we get some innovative staging?

Overall Ranking: 39th

Prediction: 12th-17th in the semi-final.


Opinion: While I certainly don’t dislike Øve os på hinanden, it’s probably the song this year that I find the most forgettable. When it starts playing, it’s the song I have to take a moment to think about and remember who performs it! It’s definitely fun, and it fully embraces the 80s style, but in such a strong year, it needs to be more than that to stand out. If they change the staging from the national selection, and have Jesper and Laurits actually interact with one another and look like they’re enjoying themselves, they could convince me on it.

Overall Ranking: 31st

Prediction: 8th-14th in the semi-final. I could see this qualifying, but only just. Lower right-hand side in the final if it does qualify.

Let us know your thoughts!

It’s not just about what we think, we want to know what you guys make of Denmark’s entry this year. To voice your opinion on “Øve os på hinanden” please vote in our poll below:

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Photo Credit: Rasmus Laursen

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