TES In Depth: Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears with ‘Tout l’Univers’

TES In Depth: Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears with ‘Tout l’Univers’

We have reached our penultimate Eurovision Semi final Two song in our reviews. The next entry we will look at is Switzerland’s which will be sung by Gjon’s Tears. Gjon will sing the song ‘Tout l’Univers’ at this years contest. To hear our opinion on Gjon’s song please watch our video below:

A look into Gjon’s Tears’ career

Gjon’s career started back in 2011, when at 12 years old he took part in Albania’s Got Talent where he placed third. Upon adulthood Gjon then took part in the french version of The Voice where he reached the semi finals. In March 2020 it was announced Gjon would be representing Switzerland at Eurovision with the song ‘Repondez Moi’. Gjon’s 2020 song was one of the big favourites to win the contest prior to the cancellation. Gjon – like many artists this year, was then invited back to represent Switzerland this year.

Our opinions on ‘Tout l’Univers’


Opinion: I am unsure about my feelings towards this, I can see it’s a good song and that Switzerland will do very well this year. Gjon’s voice is very unique and that will stand out to jurors and voters at home. I will not lie this song does leave me a little bit cold but I will say this is a me issue as I had this problem with ‘Repondez Moi’ as well. While I cannot personally connect with this it doesn’t take away the fact this is extremely high quality and deserving of doing well this year.

Overall Ranking: 23rd

Prediction: 1st-4th in the semi final, Top 10 in the final, possibly Top 5.


Opinion: Being a favourite is always tough because if you ever return, you’ll be facing the same levels of hype people were giving you the first time round. Gjon has realised this and doubled down and the result is absolutely magnificent. We all know Gjon has a phenomenal voice and it is seen in both “Répondez-moi” and “Tout l’Univers”. This lends itself to such epic and grand staging, but if they don’t play their cards right, he could be swallowed up on stage, which could jeopardise the entire song’s chances. I’m expecting a full show from Switzerland however – and I definitely think this is justified to be in with the favourites to win the show. If they win though – does anyone want to put us up? We can’t afford to be there for two weeks!

Overall Ranking: 9th

Prediction: 1st-4th in the semi-final. Easily a top 10, could also even get Top 3 with the right staging.


Opinion: I remember that feeling of shock I felt upon first hearing the song – or rather, hearing the song and seeing the music video. And still, something pulled me back to it, minutes after I first heard it, and even now, I still find something magical and magnetic about this song. The song grows beautifully, the instrumental is epic and sweeping and grand, and having seen Gjon perform this live now, we’re definitely in for a stunning, skilled live performance with his powerful but well-controlled vocals. Please, just don’t sit him behind a piano and have done with it. You can do better. I love this.

Overall Ranking: 3rd

Prediction: 1st-3rd in the semi-final. I can certainly see this in the top 10 of the final, if not the top 5. I’m certainly not ruling out Bern 2022.

Let us know your opinion on ‘Tout l’Univers’

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Photo Credit: SRF/ Oscar Alessio

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