TES Presents: TES National Final Awards (Part 2)

TES Presents: TES National Final Awards (Part 2)

It is time to conclude our awards ceremony. This is the second part of our National Final Awards. Today we hand out our remaining awards, and crown our most robbed song overall in the National Final season. To listen to our podcast version of this ceremony please click on the link here.

TES Award Winners (Part 2)

Best Pabandom iš Naujo Entry: The Roop with Discoteque

Best Eesti Laul entry: Juri Pootsmann with Magnus Melanhoolia

Best Russia decides Entry: Manhiza with Russian Woman

Best Bulgarian entry: Victoria with Imaginary Friend

Best HaShir Shelanu L’Eurovizion entry: Eden Alene with Ue la la

Best Dora entry: Albina with Tick Tock

Best Novelty: Eva and Ewa with Rena Rama Ding Dong

Best Hosts: Oscar Zia and Anis Don Demina ( Melodifestivalen Heat 2)

Song Most Likely to wake you up from a coma: KEiiNO with Monument

And the big award

This is the big award, the award for the most robbed song over all national finals that took place this year. Without further ado the winner of The most robbed national final song 2021 is…..


This is not all for our awards ceremonies this season, we will be back after Eurovision takes place for the Eurovision 2021 awards.

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