๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡น TES Reviews : Let’s ‘Discoteque’ for The Roop

๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡น TES Reviews : Let’s ‘Discoteque’ for The Roop

Up first today, is Lithuania who is represented by ‘The Roop’, who will be competing in this year’s competition with their entry ‘Discoteque’.

What did we think of the rehearsal?

The first run through we saw, very similar dance moves to the National final with a few changes, there was a chequed background, and a lot of pink/purple lighting. Towards the end it’s as if Vaidotas chances the a camera with his band members to show how much fun him and the group are having. This was a nice personal touch to the song, makes us feel part of the party. We also saw several split screens throughout of the different members and dancers of The Roop.

The second run through remained unchanged from the first. The dance moves from the national final and music video remain, which will help Eurovision fans who follow the national final have some familiarity. It also must be added all members of The Roop sang and danced with full energy.

The yellow outfits from the National final remain which was largely expected. Overall this is something old with something new and it works amazingly well.

Now, what did the team think of Lithuania’s rehearsal?

Rory: This is a slick opener from Lithuania. A lot pinks and yellows in a style reminiscent of the Pabandom is Naujo staging, but just different enough to say it’s not derivative. Vaidotas shows off his infectious personality and in the final refrain he gets the whole band involved in chasing the camera. This is the energy we need in an opener and I think it’ll do very well!

Jazzi: I really enjoyed this. A lot was largely unchanged from the National final performance, it was slick and fun at the same time. It gives me high hopes that this will do well. This is a very good opener and will get the audience in the Ahoy and at home in the mood for sure. I could easily see Lithuania getting their best ever result with this sing and performance.

Rosie: I could not have asked for a better act to open the show, the year, the first Eurovision for two years with! It’s an elevated version of their PIN staging, adding more purple to the lighting (a great choice with the yellow outfits!), with the addition of some camera work that gives every band member their chance to shine. It’s catchy, infections, energetic. Why fix what ain’t broke?

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News Source: That Eurovision Site / EBU

Photo Source: Vaidas Jokubauskas

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