🇸🇮 TES Reviews: Golden glory for Ana Soklič’s second rehearsal

🇸🇮 TES Reviews: Golden glory for Ana Soklič’s second rehearsal

What’s changed in Rehearsal Two?

Rehearsing right now inside the Ahoy Arena is Ana Soklič, performing “Amen” for Slovenia. Here is what has changed since the first rehearsal, and what the team thinks of the changes.

Ana said she was unhappy with her rehearsal on Saturday. However, this performance looked slicker than what we had seen in the first rehearsal. There is a lot more gold in the lights and the overall feeling is warmer for Ana. There is also more emphasis on the background, which is all nature-inspired, as well as giant projection of the earth. Ana seems more confident when she walks to the small stage to deliver the final minute, with some nice far away shots. Her performance with her facing to the side, instead of facing directly forward.

In case you missed it…

If you didn’t catch what Ana’s original staging looked like, check out our article on what initially happened in the first rehearsal here:

If you didn’t see the first rehearsal clip of Slovenia’s performance, check it out here!

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News Credit: EBU / That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: EBU / Andres Putting

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