🇸🇮 TES Reviews : Hallelujah for Ana Soklič

🇸🇮 TES Reviews : Hallelujah for Ana Soklič

The second participant to rehearse today is Slovenia who is represented by ‘Ana Soklič’, who will be competing in this year’s competition with their entry ‘Amen’.

What did we think of the rehearsal?

It was quite simple Ana on her own in the first run through, Ana as wearing a simple all white outifit, similar to her EMA performance, she was vocally stellar throughout, there was a lot of orange lighting, there was one black backdrop with fire on on the main stage, in the first verses and choruses. As ‘Amen’ progresses Ana makes he way along one of the runways, where we see a lot of nature backdrops such as the sea, the forest and the desert. The staging is pretty simple but effective.

Second run through we saw, was largely unchanged from the first, no pyro shower as of yet but that could come in the second rehearsal later in the week.

Now, what did the team think of Slovenia’s rehearsal?

Rory: The camerawork for “Amen” really makes this song stand out. There’s no doubt that Ana has a fantastic vocal and both runthroughs she sold the song every time. The use of the stage as well was dynamic and for a slow song, there is a lot of movement. It’s a strong start for Slovenia, though depending on Russia’s staging it still could be swallowed up. But it’s a stage show Ana can be incredibly proud of – as should Slovenia!

Jazzi: This is calm and quiet, however it is really effective for the song. Ana’s vocals are incredible throughout which I hope the jury pick up on. She really sells the song and you can tell she believes in the song which is a touching feature. I guess! I would possibly add pyro at the end, however would understand between Lithuania and Russia if Ana wanted to keep things simple as it may be the way to stand out between these two powerhouses.

Rosie: Slovenia has made some changes since we first heard the song, but Ana’s voice remains its core selling feature. Her vocals are still strong and powerful, and she controls the build of the song very well. The galaxy-themed visuals are perhaps a little predictable for a song like this, but they do work. I’m not sure the staging is enough to push this into a sure qualifier position, but it’s definitely a performance Ana and Slovenia can be proud of.

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News Source: That Eurovision Site / EBU

Photo Source: Bojan Simončič

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