TES Recaps: Big 5 and The Netherlands   second rehearsals and allocation draw

TES Recaps: Big 5 and The Netherlands second rehearsals and allocation draw

Today the Big 5 and The Netherlands had their second rehearsal at the Ahoy arena in Rotterdam Also the Big 5 countries Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Spain drew their halves for the Eurovision Grand Final. We gave our thoughts on the day in this video below:

Highlights of the Day

Jazzi said her highlight of the day was simply Blas’s existance.

Rosie stated her highlight of the day was how Italy’s Maneskin were so polished and how they woke her up this morning. she also gave a honorable mention to Germany’s Jendrik for putting a smile on her face so early this morning.

Rory noted his highlight as France’s Barabra Pravi due to how she conveyed her performance emotionally, feels she has put herself into contention for the win at Eurovision.

Lowlights of the Day

Jazzi and Rosie both said the UK was a bit of a lowlight, simply because of the lack of pyro in a song called ‘Embers’ although we both understand the health and safety reasons behind it. Rosie also felt James’s vocals were off in the rehearsal, however we credit him for pulling it back for his final run.

Rory named Germany as his lowlight of the day simply as he felt towards the end of his runs Jendrik was getting out of breath due to the energy needed for his performance.

What we think of the allocation draws and countries chances

We all agreed that of the Big 5 that France or Italy will do the best, we feel the juries will favour France and televoters will favour Italy. We also feel that it is entirely possible the United Kingdom could open the final as that uptempo banger and Spain could end up going second in the running order to calm things down. We did say the running orders are hard as we don’t know who will qualify from the semis and what halves they will pull

News Source: EBU/That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: EBU/Andres Putting

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