TES Predicts: Semi-Final Two Qualifiers

TES Predicts: Semi-Final Two Qualifiers

Tomorrow the second semi-final of Eurovision 2021 will take place. The first half of songs include San Marino, Estonia, Czechia, Greece, Austria, Poland, Moldova, Iceland and Serbia. In the second half, we have Georgia, Albania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland and Denmark. We made a few predictions on who we think will qualify from this semi.

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Who do we think will make it out of the semi?

Jazzi: Greece, Finland, Switzerland, Serbia, Iceland, San Marino, Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria, Albania (but honourable mentions to Denmark!)

Rory: San Marino, Greece, Moldova, Iceland, Serbia, Albania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Latvia (but possibly also Czechia or Finland)

Rosie: San Marino, Greece, Iceland, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czechia, Finland, Latvia

Who will win the semi-final for us?

Jazzi: Potentially San Marino, as the “Flo Rida” effect could be playing into it.

Rory: Switzerland, San Marino or Iceland could be a surprise winner given the team’s recent withdrawal from live performing.

Rosie: A tie between Bulgaria and Switzerland, as they are leagues above the other songs in the semi-final.

Who could finish last in the semi-final, according to us?

Overall, the group thinks that Estonia will be a contender for last place in the semi-final, with Rosie and Rory also throwing Poland and Denmark into the list.

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News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: EBU/ Andres Putting

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