📺 Eurovision Again returns for Summer 2021

📺 Eurovision Again returns for Summer 2021

With the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, well and truly over, and we have now gone through PED and the weather somehow bearable. We are now in for a treat. Just because there isn’t a contest, does not mean we can’t have any fun. Well starting June 19, Eurovision Again will once again return for a synchronised rewatch of past Eurovision Song Contest.

How does the rewatch work?

As announced by Eurovision.tv, it was revealed that the rewatch will take place on the following Saturdays, over the next six months:

  • Saturday 19 June
  • Saturday 17 July
  • Saturday 21 August
  • Saturday 18 September
  • Saturday 16 October
  • Saturday 20 November

Each rewatch commences at 21:00CET (20:00 BST), with the year and the respective Youtube link to only be revealed 15 minutes before the show starts. After all the competing acts have performed, voting would then open to crown a winner. The winner could be the same, or completely different.

It was revealed, the rewatch would then step aside for the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the 2022 National Final season. However, they have mentioned to not rule out a one-off edition, like in 2020 where Greta Salóme from Iceland won the Eurovision Again Semi-Final Special.

Which competitions have we revisited already?

As compiled by Eurovision.tv, we have already visited the following competitions so far:


  • Brighton 1974
  • The Hague 1976


  • Gothenburg 1985
  • Dublin 1988


  • Zagreb 1990
  • Rome 1991
  • Dublin 1997
  • Birmingham 1998
  • Jerusalem 1999


  • Riga 2003
  • Kiev 2005
  • Athens 2006
  • Helsinki 2007
  • Belgrade 2008
  • Moscow 2009


  • Malmo 2013
  • Copenhagen 2014
  • Vienna 2015
  • Stockholm 2016
  • Lisbon 2018

Are you excited for the return of Eurovision Again? Which year would you like to revisit once again? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

News Source: Eurovision.tv

Photo Source: Eurovision.tv

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