🇳🇴 Submissions for Melodi Grand Prix 2022 extended until September 15

🇳🇴 Submissions for Melodi Grand Prix 2022 extended until September 15

With broadcasters continuing to plan their National Finals, for the 2022 Eurovision season, we have an update from Norway. After the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, Norway confirmed their Eurovision 2022 participation and opened submissions for songs until August 15. However, this has now been extended for another month, and will now close on September 15.

Invitation is open to anyone who writes songs

The invitation is open to everyone who writes songs. However, it is encouraged that the submitted entries have at least one Norwegian songwriter, as MGP wants to prioritize and promote Norwegian music. In addition, each producer can submit a maximum of three songs. Lastly, artists must be at least 16 years old, as per the Eurovision rules.

The invitation is open to anyone who writes songs. This is a unique chance to try and grab a place in the world’s biggest music competition. We are open to all kinds of music within a broad understanding of the pop genre. It can be anything from sophisticated beautiful pop songs, to bone-hard rock, pink chewing gum pop, and everything in between.

Stig Karlsen, Norway’s Head of Delegation (translated)

Melodi Grand Prix 2022, is due to be held in January and February 2022, with the exact dates, to be confirmed at a later date.

Norway’s Eurovision Journey

The Scandinavian nation made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960, with Nora Brockstedt and the song “Voi Voi”, which placed 4th. Since their debut, they have participated 59 times, of which 56, where Norway was in the Grand Final. In addition, Norway has won the competition three times (1985, 1995, and 2009).

Norway’s latest Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by TIX with the song “Fallen Angel”. During their participation, Norway managed to qualify for the Grand Final, where TIX managed to place 18th, where they managed to receive 75 points from the Jury and Televoters.

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News Source: NRK

Photo Source: EBU / Thomas Hanses

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