🇬🇧 Meet the TES Team Part Nine: Lewis

🇬🇧 Meet the TES Team Part Nine: Lewis

Before September 1 hits, and we get sucked into everything Eurovision/Junior Eurovision, we wanted to take the opportunity to give our readers a chance to get to know our team a bit better. There’s no other way to do this other than to do a series where we introduce ourselves. In this part, it is the turn of contributor to “That Eurovision Podcast” and Podcast Editor, Lewis.

Hi! I’m Lewis, a UK recruiter and part time editor by trade, and a Eurofan by calling.

Name: Lewis Edwards

Age: 26

Pronouns: He/him

He doesn’t have his own social media, but he’s frequently found in posts on:

Twitter: @eurosievision

Instagram: @pictureswithrosie

How did I get into the Eurovision Song Contest?

I first saw Eurovision in 2006, and as an excitable nipper of 11 I was blown away by the spectacle of it all, especially those crazy rock stars with demon masks, Lordi. After getting the 2006 CD and playing it solidly for the next few months, I was hooked. I was an avid watcher and CD collector ever since, and loved the sheer variety and fun the contest always delivered. Recently I’ve started to appreciate the social side of the fandom as well, after meeting several great friends and one exceptional partner through hosting Eurovision parties. I love how this one spectacular contest has brought together so many people from so many walks of life, and I’m proud to be part of that.

What point did I consider myself as a “Eurofan”?

I knew I was a fan of Eurovision from the moment Lordi held up that trophy, but I never knew what good company I was in until recently. I’ve only started to consider myself a proper Eurofan over the past few years, as I’ve started meeting people through the fandom and throwing myself into the gossip, voting and hype of the Eurosphere. I’ve met such wonderful people and had such wonderful nights through this community. I’d still say I’m a fledgling, all things considered, but I look forward to earning my wings!

How has my life changed since becoming a Eurofan?

I know way more about Italian rap, Norwegian pop and Icelandic punk than I would ever have thought possible, and my Spotify playlist flips between languages and genres at thirty miles per hour. More importantly, I’ve met a whole lot of great people and have started paying way more attention to Eurovision outside of May. I’d say my horizons have expanded and my social circle has widened, and I love it.

What are my favourite Eurovision Songs and Countries?

Tricky question! I am an unrepentant Latvia stan, though admittedly I prefer their pre-Love Injected days (they were having so much fun!). I don’t think I’ve heard a bad song from either Italy or Australia, so they are probably worth mentioning. And the Netherlands usually manages to sneak its way into my top 5 with something entirely different than last year.

My favourite songs were a little easier , but I’d like to give a special shout out to Cake To Bake (which is a significant part of why I’m a Latvia stan). It’s one of those songs that doesn’t come across half as well in the preview, so I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t in a while. It’s warm, full of sugar and great to consume under a blanket with a cup of tea, much like… well, I don’t need to say it.

What are my favourite National Final songs?

I’ve only really paid attention to National Finals since last season, when I started getting into the fandom proper, but I’ve still got a few pet favourites that I wish had had the chance on the big stage.

What are you looking forward to in the next Eurovision season?

I’m expecting a two way split between songs trying to recapture Zitti E Buoni and songs trying to recapture Voila, so I am very excited for the new era of own language rock/ballads we’re entering into. I’m also looking forward to getting even deeper into the Eurofandom, meeting more people, attending more events and getting even more invested in national finals. Happy new season to you all!

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