๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Senhit auditions to host Eurovision 2022

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Senhit auditions to host Eurovision 2022

Despite finishing in 22nd place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Italian singer Senhit has formally applied to host next year’s Contest in Turin.

Experience counts

In a video uploaded to her official Youtube channel, Senhit openly calls on Italian public broadcaster RAI to select her as one of the hosts for the competition. In the video, Senhit labels herself as a “superfan”, regularly watching the DVD of the 2011 edition, in which she represented San Marino. Throughout the video, she consistently cites her Italian nationality – calling herself a “perfect bilingual” who would be fit for the role.

Senhit also mentioned the fact that it was her who brought international rapper Flo Rida to perform at the Contest in Rotterdam this year. Flo Rida joined Senhit to perform their track “Adrenalina” – again, representing San Marino.

In addition to her participations at the Contest, Senhit also produced eleven different covers of iconic Eurovision songs, as part of her “Freaky Trip to Rotterdam”. These songs included winners “Waterloo”, “Rise Like a Phoenix” and “Amar pelos dois”.


The “audition” comes as a petition to allow Senhit to host the Contest begins to pick up pace. At the time of writing, the petition has amassed over 500 signatures. After the petition was boosted by Senhit herself, it is likely that number will increase.

Senhit is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest. Initially failing to qualify from the semi-final in the 2011 Contest, Senhit returned to try again in 2020 with her song “Freaky!”. However, the coronavirus pandemic postponed her return to the competition until 2021, where she finished in 22nd place with 50 points.

What do you make of Senhit’s application to host to Eurovision 2022? Do you think she would be a good addition to the team? Who else would you like to see present the show? As always, follow ‘That Eurovision Site’ for more news on the Contest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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