🇨🇿 Jordan Haj x Emma Smetana “No matter what happens, we want people to discover our music”

🇨🇿 Jordan Haj x Emma Smetana “No matter what happens, we want people to discover our music”

Ahead of the Czech national selection for 2022, Rory had the pleasure to talk with Jordan Haj and Emma Smetana, performing their song “By Now”. We spoke to them about their Eurovision experience so far, the international story behind their song, and what they hope they will get from their participation in ESCZ.

You can vote for Jordan Haj x Emma Smetana and “By Now” to go to the Eurovision Song Contest over on escz2022.com. Voting closes on December 15, with the winner announced the following day. The winner of ESCZ will be decided through a 50/50 jury and public vote, with the public vote being evenly split between Czech and International votes.

Czech Republic’s Eurovision Journey

The Czech Republic first appeared on the Eurovision stage in 2007. Their entry, Kabát with the song “Malá Dáma,” finished 28th in the semi-final. After not qualifying three years in a row, the Czech Republic withdrew from the contest until 2015. They first appeared in a Eurovision final in 2016, with “I Stand” being sang by Gabriel Gunčíková. Their best result to date was in 2018, with Mikolas Josef’s performance of “Lie to Me” scoring 281 points and finishing 6th. The Czech Republic’s most recent entry was “Omaga” by Benny Cristo, who finished 15th in his semi-final with 23 points.

What do you think of Jordan and Emma’s song? Could Czechia win the Contest this year if they sent this song? Where does ‘By Now’ fall in your rankings? As always, tell us in the comments below or on our social media channels. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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