🇸🇮 EMA Freš 2022 line-up is now complete

🇸🇮 EMA Freš 2022 line-up is now complete

After the reveal of the 16 artists that will be competing at EMA 2022, the Slovenian selection is still ongoing in the form of EMA Freš. For the past few weeks, duels and second chance rounds have taken place, where we ended up with 14 EMA Freš participants, who will be competing for the four remaining spots for EMA 2022. It was revealed that over 48,000 votes were cast over the four weeks.

14 acts compete for the four remaining spaces for EMA 2022

After the duels and second chance rounds, the televised round of EMA Freš is due to take place in January 2022. You are able to listen to the 14 entries competing, right here.

Artist“Entry” (English Translation)
Anja Vodošek“Maniac”
De Liri“Obstajam (I Exist)”
Emma“Moja sreča (My Happiness)”
Ina“Moj Dopamin (My Dopamine)”
Jaka Hliš” Svoje Sreče Krojač (Your Luck Tailor)”
Jon Vitezič“Jesus Style”
Katja Kos“Deadly Flower”
Leya Leanne“Naked”
LPS“Disko (Disco)”
Luma“All In”
Marijan Novak and Špela Velikanje“I Am So In Love”
Mia Vučković “Telenovela”
Nika S“Počakaj Me (Wait For Me)”
Stela Sofia“Tu In Zdaj (Here and Now)”

Once the remaining finalists were selected from EMA Freš; EMA 2022 will then will take place, in which two semi-finals and a Grand Final would occur, in order to find Slovenia’s representative. The winner of EMA 2022 will be selected via a 50/50 split between a jury and a televote in all shows.

Slovenia’s Eurovision Journey

In 1993, Slovenia made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest with 1X Band and the song “Tih deževen dan”, which placed 22nd. Since their debut, they have participated 26 times (15 of which where they qualified for the Grand Final).

Slovenia’s recent Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by Ana Soklič, who represented them with the song “Amen”, which placed 13th in the first semi-final receiving 44 points from the jury and televoters.

Are you excited for the EMA 2022 line-up to be complete? Who would you like to represent Slovenia and get them back in the final? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

News Source: RTVSLO

Photo Source: MMC RTVSLO

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