🇳🇴 Results of Melodi Grand Prix Heat 1 announced

🇳🇴 Results of Melodi Grand Prix Heat 1 announced

Tonight, Melodi Grand Prix’s first heat was held, kicking off the selection for Norway’s 2022 Eurovision entry! Four songs competed in the heat using a duel format, with Frode ultimately selected to qualify to the final.

The four songs competing in the first heat were:

We also heard from Elsie Bay, who performed her automatically-qualified song Death Of Us.

The three songs which were not chosen tonight will have one more shot at making it to the final in the second chance round on 12th February, so if your favorite tonight was eliminated, there’s still a chance they’ll make it though!

The Full Results

Duel 1

Eline Noelia“Ecstasy”Winner
Mira Craig“We Still Here”Did not advance

Duel 2

TrollfesT“Dance Like A Pink Flamingo”Did not advance
Frode “Black Flowers”Winner

Gold Duel

Eline Noelia“Ecstasy”Did not advance
Frode “Black Flowers”Winner

Melodi Grand Prix: The Final So Far

Frode joins the five pre-qualified performers taking part in the final for Melodi Grand Prix on 19th February 2021:

What else do we know about Melodi Grand Prix 2022?

Melodi Grand Prix 2022 once again features a four-heat format, followed by a second-chance round and a grand final. Five acts have qualified to the final in advance. The heats will take place on:

  • 15th January
  • 22nd January
  • 29th January
  • 5th February

The second chance round will then be held on 12th February, giving one more non-qualifying entry the chance to make it to the final. The grand final, where the winning entry will be chosen, will take place on Saturday 19th February.

The contest is taking place place at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, and is hosted by Annika Momrak, Mikkel Niva, and Kåre Magnus Bergh. Unfortunately, the contest is primarily taking place without an audience again due to the Covid-19 pandemic, though the possibility of having an audience for the grand final still remains and will be confirmed in due course.

Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Scandinavian nation made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960, with Nora Brockstedt and the song “Voi Voi”, which placed 4th. Since their debut, they have participated 59 times, and made the grand final in 56 of these. In addition, Norway has won the competition three times (1985, 1995, and 2009).

Norway’s latest Eurovision participation saw them being represented by TIX with the song “Fallen Angel”. During their participation, Norway placed 18th in the grand final, receiving 75 points from the jury and televoters.

Are you excited by this year’s Melodi Grand Prix line up? Who would you like to see make it to Rotterdam? As always, please let us know what you think by commenting below or on our social media. Be sure to follow ‘That Eurovision Site’ on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

News source: NRK

Photo source: NRK/Julia Maria Naglestad

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