🇳🇴 Melodi Grand Prix 2022 final Running order announced

🇳🇴 Melodi Grand Prix 2022 final Running order announced

The running order for Saturday’s Melodi Grand Prix final has been revealed by Norwegian broadcaster NRK. On Saturday, February 19th Norway will decide their Eurovision 2022 representative. The running order for Saturday’s final is as follows:

Melodi Grand Prix 2022 Final running order.

OrderArtistSong Title
1Oda Gondrosen“Hammer Of Thor”
3Anna-Lisa Kumoji“Queen Bees”
5Sofie Fjellvang“Made Of Glass”
6Frode“Black Flowers”
7Christian Ingebrigtsen“Wonder Of The World”
8Maria Mohn“Fly”
9Subwoolfer“Give That Wolf A Banana”
10Elsie Bay“Death Of Us”

What we know about the MGP final!

As with the heats, the Melodi Grand Prix final will take place at the H3 Arena in Fornebu. Saturday’s show will be hosted by Annika Momrak, Mikkel Niva and Kåre Magnus Bergh. Norway’s Eurovision representative will be chosen totally by the Norwegian public. There will also be an audience of 500 present for the final. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there was n audience for the heats or second chance. The Melodi Grand Prix final will take place on Saturday February 19th at 19:50 CET.

Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

Norway made its Eurovision Song Contest debut in 1960 with Nora Brockstedt’s “Voi Voi”, which placed 4th. Since then, Norway has participated 59 times and won 3 times. Bobbysocks won in 1985 with “La det swinge” and Secret Garden won with “Nocturne” a decade later in 1995. More recently, Alexander Rybak won the 2009 contest with “Fairytale” with a record-breaking score.

In the past decade, Norway made the qualified to the Grand Final every year except 2011 and 2016. They notched five top-ten finishes, including 4th in 2013 with Margaret Berger’s “I Feed You My Love”. In 2019, Keiino placed sixth and won the televote with “Spirit in the Sky”. In the most recent contest in 2021, Tix qualified for the Grand Final with “Fallen Angel”, which ultimately placed 16th.

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News Source: NRK

Photo Source: NRK/ Julia Marie Naglestad

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