🇳🇱 S10 debuts live performance of “De Diepte”

🇳🇱 S10 debuts live performance of “De Diepte”

Following the release of her Eurovision entry ‘De Diepte,‘ S10 has now performed the song live for the first time. S10 performed the track live on Dutch talk show “Matthijs gaat door.”

S10 on “Matthijs gaat door”

Before her live performance, host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk sat down with S10 and Cornald Maas to interview them. Cornald Maas has been the Dutch commentator for Eurovision for many years and was part of the selection committee this year. During the interview, Cornald noted that S10 is the kind of artist the Netherlands used to be able to only dream of as a potential Eurovision entry. S10 says that participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is a great adventure and cool experience for her. De Diepte is a big success in The Netherlands. It is currently occupying the number 1 spot on the Spotify charts and has over 650 thousand streams as of March 6.

About S10 and “De Diepte”

S10, also known as Stien den Hollander, is a 21-year-old rap musician. She was signed to hip-hop label Noah’s Ark at 17, and released two albums: Snowsniper (2019) and Vlinders (2020). Snowsniper was awarded an Edison, one of the most prestigious prizes in the Dutch music industry. More recently, S10 was awarded the Pop Stipend, a grant of 10000 euros to support up-and-coming artists. ‘De Diepte’ is the first Dutch-language entry in Eurovision since 2010. The song is “an ode to the sadness and the memories you carry with you”. S10 wrote De Diepte together with Arno Krabman. At Eurovision, The Netherlands will have a new creative team, who you can read about here.

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The Netherlands at Eurovision

The Netherlands is one of the founding countries of the ESC, having performed the very first song ever on the Eurovision stage back in 1956. While the result of “De Vogels van Holland” is unknown, the Netherlands have clocked 5 wins, with their most recent in 2019. However the Netherlands are also known to have had the longest ever non qualification streak in the semi-final era – they missed out on the final a whopping 8 times between 2005-2012. As the host of 2021, they automatically qualified to the final in Rotterdam. Their song “Birth of a new Age” reached 23rd place, with 11 points, all from the juries.

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