🇱🇻 Citi Zēni: “If you make the world around you a little bit of a better place, then it’s already a huge impact.”

🇱🇻 Citi Zēni: “If you make the world around you a little bit of a better place, then it’s already a huge impact.”

Rosie is joined by Latvia’s Citi Zēni at London Eurovision Party, where they discuss their love of London’s tube system, the response to their letter to the EBU regarding Russia’s participation in this year’s competition, and their top tips for sustainability and eco-friendliness!

About Citi Zēni

While Citi Zēni as a band only formed in 2020, the artists who are part of the band have been performing across Latvia’s music scene for many years. Jānis Pētersons (vocals), Toms Kagainis (drums), Roberts Memmēns (bass), Reinis Višķeris (keyboard), Dagnis Roziņš (vocals and saxophone) and Krišjānis Ozols (guitar) all met at a songwriting camp near Riga, and in 2021, they released their debut album, “Suņi Iziet Ielās”.

The band plan to release their second album following their Eurovision participation in 2022.

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Latvia’s Eurovision Journey

Latvia made their Eurovision debut in 2000, finishing 3rd with “My Star” by Brainstorm. They have performed at every contest since and managed to win in 2002. Marie N sang “I Wanna,” scoring 176 points and bringing Eurovision to Riga in the process. Latvia also managed to finish in the top 10 two more times, in 2005 and 2015. Latvia’s most recent entry on the Eurovision stage was Samanta Tīna, who performed “The Moon Is Rising.” The song failed to qualify, finishing 17th in its semi-final.

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