🇨🇾 TES Preview: Waves of colour for Andromache in her second rehearsal

🇨🇾 TES Preview: Waves of colour for Andromache in her second rehearsal

Today second rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 continued. Countries rehearsing on Day 7 include Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, North Macedonia, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, Belgium, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Next to rehearse today was Cyprus’s Andromache.

Andromache’s second rehearsal

Today we got to watch Andromache’s second rehearsal from the online Press Centre. We got an in-depth preview of how her performance will look on TV on Thursday 12th May, when she performs in the second Eurovision semi-final. You can watch a small clip of their second rehearsal here!

What did we see in Cyprus’s second rehearsal?

The opening shot sees Andromache emerge from her shell prop as the camera rises up from the waterfall. There is a lot of sweeping mid and wide camera shots that go around all the stage and Cyprus’s prop. Andromache remains stood in the middle of the giant shell throughout the performance. The shell is lit up in blue, while lights from the stage are lit up in warm oranges throughout the first verse and chorus.

The chorus sees projections being screened onto the prop, which gradually change from blues to purples, with outlines of the prop fading into the background. The middle-eight turns the shell into a rising sun with golden accents, which melt in the final chorus. The lights get a lot more powerful in the final chorus and start to flash and flicker. The final shot comes as the lights drop back to blue and Andromache is posed like Aphrodite as a closing position.

What happened in Andromache’s first rehearsal?

After Andromache’s first rehearsal, Rosie gave her initial thoughts on the snippet that we saw. You can see how she felt about her first rehearsal by checking our TikTok here:


#stitch with @eurovision @Andromache_dim has had her first go on the #eurovision stage! What did @tiktokwithrosie think of what we’ve seen so far?

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About Andromache

Andromache has already seen success across Europe. Born in Germany, she rose to fame after participating in the Greek edition of The Voice in 2015. This was followed by a string of successful singles, including “Na Soun Psema”.

She is signed to Panik Records, who describe her as having “a stage presence that reminds of a beautiful fairy”. Much of her music draws on Hellenic folk influences, with a modern twist.

Cyprus’ Eurovision Journey

Cyprus debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 where they placed 6th with Island’s “Monika”. They have participated in every contest since except for 1988, 2001, and 2014, with 37 entrants and counting. Consequently, Cyprus currently holds the record for most Eurovision participations without a win.

Cyprus has been particularly successful in recent years, having qualified for the final every year since 2015. This streak includes their best result, which they achieved in 2018 when Eleni Fouriera’s “Fuego” finished as the runner-up. Meanwhile, their other notable entrants from this decade include Ivi Adamou’s “La La Love” (2012), Minus One’s “Alter Ego” (2016) and Tamta’s “Replay” (2019).

Most recently, Elena Tsagrinou represented Cyprus at Eurovision 2021 with “El Diablo”. She qualified for the Grand Final and then finished in 16th place with 94 points, including 50 from the juries and 44 from the televote.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: EBU/ Nathan Reinds

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