🎶 Eurovision music round-up: August 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: August 2022

The Winners

Jamala – “Thank You, Stranger” and “Коли закінчаться війни” with Freel

Jamala, who won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine with “1944,” has released new single “Thank You, Stranger”. The track is an acoustic guitar ballad expressing gratitude to all the people and countries who have taken in Ukrainian refugees since the start of the Russian invasion. You can read more about the track here:

Jamala also released a collaborative effort this month. “Коли закінчаться війни” (When the wars will end) sees Jamala working with Freel, with the rapper providing the verses while Jamala performs the chorus. The song is about hope, imagining life after Ukraine has won against Russia in the Russian invasion. On YouTube, Jamala says about the track: “One day we will wake up to the voice of our relatives and their words: “We won, the war is over.” I know it will happen. This war will end in our favor because we are fighting for our own. For your home.”

Duncan Laurence – “Electric Life”

2019 winner Duncan Laurence has released a new track that references his Eurovision winner “Arcade”. “Electric Life” sees Duncan try out a 70s-inspired sound while singing “about a warm, loving and grateful feeling towards loved ones who have passed away”. You can read more about the track, which NPO Radio 2 called the TopSong of the week and was picked as 3FM Megahit of the week, here:

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