🎶 Eurovision music round-up: August 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: August 2022

Welcome to the TES music round-up! This is the third installment of the monthly series in which we catch you up on new music from Eurovision artists. August is full of festivals, announcements, but also new music! In this edition: Remixes, callbacks, and an airline safety video.

The 2022 entries

Sam Ryder – “Somebody”

UK representative and 2022 runner-up Sam Ryder is still riding high on “Space Man” and has now released his first single since Eurovision. “Somebody” is the second single Sam has released of his upcoming debut album “There’s Nothing But Space, Man!”. You can read more about “Somebody” here:

Circus Mircus – “Love Letters”

The experimental musicians/art collective of Circus Mircus have released new track “Love Letters”. It’s a slower, more laid-back affair than their Eurovision entry, recorded during a gig at Stockton Records in Tbilisi. This excerpt from the live performance was shared to help fans with the longer than expected wait for the band’s upcoming EP. Circus Mircus say that the song sounds best when you are “having trouble sleeping during the heatwave”. I am writing this during another heatwave and I find it impossible to disagree (but then again, I love Circus Mircus).

MARO – “can you see me?” (LP)

Two months after releasing her EP “like we’re wired,” Portuguese Eurovision 2022 contestant MARO has released her new album “can you see me?”. The 14-track LP includes the fours songs of “like we’re wired”. You can read more about the album, which turns the listener into “the supportive friend” looking after the artist, here:

Brooke – “Heartbreaker”

Irish singer and meme queen Brooke is here with her second post-Eurovision release. “Heartbreaker” is described by Brooke as something of an “anti-break up song” dealing with the struggle of trying to end a relationship without hurting the other person. You can read more about Brooke’s latest single and watch the music video for it here:

Imanbek & BYOR – “Belly Dancer (LUM!X Remix)”

The Austrian DJ who, together with Pia Maria, brought “Halo” to the Eurovision stage has released his third song in as many months. His remix of Imanbek & BYOR’s “Belly Dancer” is a shorter and even more drop- and beat-heavy version of an already short and beat-heavy song. Lum!x celebrated hitting 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify this month as well.

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