🎶 Eurovision music round-up: August 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: August 2022

Other Highlights

Even in a slower month such as August there is too much music released to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

Keiino – “SPED UP (Remixes)” (EP)

Keiino have released some with new(ish) music on their EP “SPED UP (Remixes)”. The EP gives you exactly what the title promises: 6 sped up versions of Keiino’s biggest tracks. You can read more about the EP, including Keiino’s fascinating take on what a chipmunk yoik would sound like, here:

Roxen – “Biggest Idiot”

Roxen is staying very busy this year, following up last month’s release “NONO BAD” with new single “Biggest Idiot”. The track sees Roxen continue on the deep house inspired sound she brought to Eurovision. You can read more about the track, which is about the frustration felt after a toxic relationship has ended, here:

Jonida Maliqi – “Hije”

Everyone’s favourite diva of Eurovision 2019 has released new song “Hije” (Shadow). The grey-tone video promises a ballad and Jonida, of course, delivers, but with a twist. A good beat makes the track much more danceable than many would perhaps expect. Speaking to Top Albanian Radio, Jonida said about the writing process of “Hije” that “[it] all came about in a very organic way. I wanted it to come in the form of a mystery, a movie.” In the same interview, Jonida Maliqi also said that we can expect more music from her soon, including some collaborations.

Montaigne- “gravity” (with David Byrne) and “A Whole Day’s Night” (with Hilltop Hoods and Tom Thum)

Montaigne’s new album is releasing September 2nd, and she has released two more tracks since last month’s “die b4 u”. “gravity” is a piano driven track featuring the legendary David Byrne of Talking Heads fame and will be part of Montaigne’s new album “making it!”. The track is a love song that, in what seems to be a popular theme among Australian Eurovision artists, plays a lot with wordplay and metaphors involving gravity. “gravity” isn’t the only David Byrne collab on Montaigne’s new album, as her February release “always be you” saw her collab with the Scottish-American singer as well.

“A Whole Day’s Night” is something a whole lot different. The track will be a part of an upcoming album by Australian hip hop group Hilltop Hoods. The track sees Hilltop Hoods working with Montaigne and beatboxer Tom Thum again, having previously done so on the 2016 hit single “1955”. Montaigne lends her beautiful voice to the chorus. Speaking to triple j, Hilltop Hoods member MC Pressure say that the song is “a direct response to the Hoods’ own 2006 original ‘What A Great Night’, but about the regrets of the night rather than celebrating it these days”.

Hooverphonic – “Brussels Airlines Safety Video 2022”

Hooverphonic definitely take the honour of most surprising, strange, and arguably iconic release of the month. The Belgian band lend their music to the new safety video for Belgian airline Brussels Airlines. Singer Geike Arnaert sings the instructions with her trademark voice while the video presents everything in a truly great and somewhat strange video.

Luka – “Kill For You”

The (former) Hooverphonic member who almost got to Eurovision is singing about how she is willing to risk it all. Luka Cruysberghs was a member of Hooverphonic from 2018 to 2020 and was going to compete in the cancelled contest with the track “Release Me”. In 2021, the band replaced Luka for Geike Arnaert, who had been Hooverphonic’s singer between 1997 and 2008. Luka’s new track “Kill For You,” is a boppy and dark track about how she is willing to kill for her lover. Luka co-wrote the song with Domien Cnockaert, who she also worked with on 2021 single “Not Too Late”. Domien and Nick Ribbens, who has worked with Laura Tesoro (Belgium 2016), produced the song.

NAVIBAND – “Свяці”

NAVIBAND, who represented Belarus in 2017 with the great “Story Of My Life,” have released a song dedicated to their former homecity of Minsk. The Belarusian group were forced to leave the country following their participation in the 2020 Belarusian protests against Lukashenko’s dictatorship, which saw at least one member of the group getting arrested. “Свяці” (Saints) is a slower and very moving folky song than their Eurovision entry, and I highly recommend you check it out.

Ali Bakgor, Kállay Saunders – “I Got Roses”

Turkish DJ Ali Bakgor is continuing to collaborate with artists from the Eurovision universe. Following his collab with German NF artists Felicia Lu last month Ali Bakgor has now released “I Got Roses” with Hungary’s 2014 representative Kállay Saunders. Bakgor and Saunders have worked together before, which led to the hit “Ocean” last year. “I Got Roses” is considerably less smooth and more beat-heavy than either of the aforementioned songs, but still is a great companion for them on any late summer night playlist.

Amir – “R3SSOURCES” (LP)

Amir, who represented France in 2016, has released a third version of his 2020 album “Ressources,” which he obviously called “R3SSOURCES” (although I am not sure what the all-caps is about). Clearly part of the Meghan Trainor school of giving the people what they want, Amir has decided to re-record and release the 2020 album and adding even more to it. “R3SSOURCES” clocks in at a massive 3 discs, 32 tracks, and 1 hour and 45 minutes of playtime. The album includes all the tracks from the original release, all the new tracks from the second release, and 8 new versions of his biggest songs that were not yet on the album. Amir treats is to a a slower, acoustic version of his Eurovision track “J’ai cherché”, among others. On YouTube, Amir has posted a video series where he goes through the re-recordings track by track.

Lake Malawi – “Mermaid Surf Club” featuring Abi F Jones

Lake Malawi, the indie pop group who represented the Czech Republic in 2019, are back with another collab. After the success of “High-Speed Kissing” with 2022 contestants We Are Domi, Lake Malawi have now released “Mermaid Surf Club” together with Abi F Jones. You can read more about the new track, which was written at the same songwriting camp as “Lights Off,” here:

Samira Said – “Korbag”

Following our podcast episode in which Isabelle rightfully praised Samira Said’s Eurovision 1980 entry and general discography, the Moroccan singer has released new music. “Korbag” (Whip) is her third release this year and is all about longing for a loved one. The track is a true journey through different musical genres, with Samira Said’s beautiful voice guiding us through them all. Award-winning composer Aziz Elshafei wrote and composed the song, with additional arrangements by fellow movie composer Tarek Madkour.

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