🇮🇪 Irish Head of Delegation offers tips for success ahead of Eurovision 2023

🇮🇪 Irish Head of Delegation offers tips for success ahead of Eurovision 2023

As artists continue to submit entries to participate in Ireland’s national selection for 2023, the Head of Delegation has offered advice to those considering to send a song to RTÉ.

Top tips from the Head of Delegation

Head of Delegation for Ireland, Michael Kealy, took on the role in 2013. As a result, has seen a host of songs take to the Eurovision stage. He also has seen a variety of results for Ireland in the Contest; these range from 16th place in 2018, to an overall last place in 2021 when Lesley Roy represented the country with “Maps”.

Now, as Ireland announces another national final due to take place next year on The Late Late Show, Kealy has given artists ideas on what he – and the broadcaster, RTÉ – are looking for. He gave five tips for artists, including:

  • Standing out from the crowd. Does your potential song stand on its own amongst other songs? Look at the top 10 from the previous year and compare.
  • Have a vocally competent singer. On the night, one flat note and your chances could be over, so make sure you can deliver live.
  • The song should be fully mastered and ready for the Eurovision stage. If the track is over three minutes and unsuitable to be cut down or revamped, it’s not worth sending into RTÉ.
  • Don’t write a song *for* the Contest. There is no formula for winning, but viewers and juries can spot a performance with no ‘musical integrity’.
  • Potentially include Irish into the song. Songs in native languages have been successful both in the Contest and commercially of late, so RTÉ are open to having songs in Irish take part. This is a similar approach taken in 2022, when Kealy said he was ‘open’ to Irish-language songs participating.

No specific details regarding Eurosong 2023 have been revealed yet. However, it is expected that the national selection will take place on The Late Late Show.

Ireland’s Eurovision journey

In 1965, Ireland made their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest with Butch Moore and the song “Walking the Streets in the Rain”, which managed to place 6th. Since their debut, Ireland has participated 55 times (making the Grand Final 45 times), and has won the competition seven times, which is currently the record for most wins.

Ireland’s latest Eurovision participation saw them being represented by Brooke Scullion, with her song “That’s Rich”. She placed 15th in the semi-final, receiving 47 points from the jury and televote.

What do you make of Michael Kealy’s advice for artists? What would you do if you were the Head of Delegation? Who would you like to see submit a song for Eurovision 2023? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we look ahead to Liverpool 2023!

News Source: RTÉ

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