🇬🇧 “Space Man” Gets BRIT Gold Certification

🇬🇧 “Space Man” Gets BRIT Gold Certification

Earlier this week, the BPI revealed that Eurovision 2022’s runner-up Sam Ryder had earned Gold Certification for his entry ‘Space Man‘.

Space Man Gets Gold

Immediately following the release of his newest single All the Way Overit was announced that he had managed to gain the coveted Gold certification for ‘Space Man’. to be awarded the Gold in the UK it means that the single has sold over 400 thousand copies. He previously was awarded Silver back in June. With Sam still enjoying widespread popularity it could be possible for him to achieve the Platinum certification which would require 600 thousand sales, something which could be bolstered with his upcoming debut album ‘There’s nothing but space man’.

British Eurovision Entries And Gold Certification

Receiving the prestigious title of Gold Certification has become quite elusive for British Eurovision entries off late; which make’s Sam’s attainment all the more significant. While in the past it was quite common for the UK’s participants to receive Silver, Gold, or even Platinum certification the last British representative to achieve any was 2013’s Bonnie Tyler; albeit not for her entry. 1999’s Precious were the last to earn that title, getting Silver certification for ‘Say it again‘. Gina G was the most recent entry to receive Gold (and even Platinum) certification for ‘Ooh aah… Just a little bit‘ in 1996.

Sam Ryder’s Eurovision Journey

In 2022, the UK was represented by Sam Ryder with his song “SPACE MAN”. The performance managed to impress juries and televoters, and the UK finished in second place with 466 points, their best placing since 1998.

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News Source: BRITS

Photo Credit: EBU/Corrine Cumming

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