Eurovision 2023 Semi-Final allocation draw to take place in January 31

Eurovision 2023 Semi-Final allocation draw to take place in January 31

Today, we got some more news about Eurovision 2023. The EBU and BBC have revealed that the allocation draw for this year’s contest will take place in January 31.

Slogan and Logo to be revealed in the event

It was also revealed that the slogan and logo for this year’s contest will be revealed during the contest.

About the semifinal allocation draw

For countries that do not automatically qualify for the final, the semifinal allocation draw determines which semifinal they will perform in. Country names are placed into pots and drawn in a way that seeks to minimize regional bloc voting. For prequalified countries–the Big Five as well as last year’s winner Ukraine–this draw will decide which semifinals they will vote in. 

What we know about Eurovision 2023

Although Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, due to the ongoing Russian invasion they are unable to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. Instead, the United Kingdom stepped in, as 2022’s runner-up; Liverpool will host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest on the 9th, 11th, and 13th of May 2023. The contest will take place at the M&S Arena, with 37 countries taking part

To find out more about the host city, check out Rory’s video tour. The BBC is actively working with UA:PBC to include Ukrainian culture and other Ukrainian participation for Eurovision 2023 to represent their status as reigning winner. Most recently, the BBC and UA:PBC revealed the creative team working on this year’s contest.  

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News Source: BBC & EBU

Photo Credit: BBC

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