🇷🇴 AMIA: “It will be dynamic, playful and energetic”

🇷🇴 AMIA: “It will be dynamic, playful and energetic”

Ahead of Selecția Națională 2023 on February 11th, Jazzi interviews AMIA. AMIA will compete in the national selection on February 11th with her song “Puppet”.

Hi AMIA, I would just like to start things off by asking how you are doing today?

“Hi! I feel happy and blessed for everything that is happening to me. I’m quite busy because I want an explosive show to come out, and I’m working very hard to acheive that.”

Before we continue, let’s start with a quick icebreaker by just asking if there is one thing about yourself that not many people know about.

“I like to manifest everything I want to happen to me. I don’t think I told anyone this until now. I think there is power in thought and being vocal in your wishes”

For many Eurovision fans, this will be the first time they will get to know you, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself.

“I am sensitive, but at the same time energetic. I really like to meet new people, I get my energy from those around me. Music is my passion since I was 5 years old and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world”

Let’s move on to Eurovision, and you will be participating at Selectia Nationalà 2023, can I start off by asking, what made you want to participate at the Romanian selection?

“I wanted to participate in this contest for a very long time.  Although I have participated in national competitions over the years, qualifying for the Romanian selection is like a dream come true.  This year I felt that the time had come, so I put a lot of effort together with the team I’m part of to write a song worthy of Eurovision.”

What is the general atmosphere you wanted to go for with your song Puppet for Selectia National 2023?

“We wanted to come up with something atypical. The energy that I will approach on stage will be delirious. I will try to convey the idea of unchaining, escaping the strings of control.”

When the audience listens to your entry, what message would you like to send?

” “Puppet” talks about the impulse that many of us sometimes need to overcome difficult situations. A message about getting out of our comfort zone. It’s a song about free expression, the power you feel when you do something for yourself and take control over your own life.”

What would going to Eurovision and represent Romania mean to you?

“Just the thought is absolutely overwhelming. I would be proud of myself and of the team I belong to, and I would be extremely pleased to be chosen by the public to represent Romania.”

Asking more about Eurovision, what is your earliest memory of the competition and what is your favourite Eurovision song (from Romania or from another country).

“Salvador Sobral’s interpretation of the song “Amar Pelos Dois” is fascinating and worthy of praise, that’s why I always give this example. It’s my favorite of all the Eurovision years I’ve been watching.”

As we are speaking right now, we are only a few weeks away until the live final of Selecția Națională 2023, how are you feeling?

“I am deep in emotions and stressed at the same time because I want a result worthy of representing Romania at Eurovision.  I prepare intensively and I am very happy I get to participate in this event!”

How are the preparations for your live performance of “Puppet” next month going, can you tell us anything about the staging for the song?

“All I can say is that it will be dynamic, playful and energetic! We are working hard on a memorable moment and hope to deliver exactly what we set out to do!”

You have had an interest in music since you were 5 years old, have you had any experiences performing live to a big audience, if so how has it prepared you for Selectia Nationalã 2023 and potentially Eurovision?

“It is obvious that I will have emotions in any situation, but the fact that I have been participating in contests since the age of 5 has given me more confidence in myself and I feel in control of my own forces. Over the years I have had moments when I was overwhelmed by emotions and this “harmed” me during the performance, but these experiences only prepared me for the future to know how to face any small or big obstacles.”

You are a new artist, do you have any advice for any other artists who might be starting out just like yourself ?

“It takes a lot of patience, work and involvement, positive energy and being open to new challenges, and if you tick all these boxes, you are ready to be an artist. If you love and respect music, your passion will show and it will for sure pay off. Believe in yourself.”

Thank you for this opportunity, Is there anything you would like to say to the International viewers over at That Eurovision Site?

“Thank you for having me! It was a pleasure! I hope all Eurovision fans will keep their fingers crossed for me! I hope „Puppet” will make you happy as much as it makes me!

Hugs and love! AMIA”

About AMIA

AMIA is a repeat I’ve newcomer to the music scene. At 18 years old she is ready to show off her debut song “Puppet” to the world at “Selecția Națională 2023”. AMIA has had a keen interest in music since she was five years old. She believes hard work and patience has got her to where she is today.

Romania’s Eurovision journey 

Romania joined the Eurovision family in the Eastern wave of enlargement, making their debut in 1994. Their entry – Dan Bittman’s “Dincolo de nori” – finished in 21st place with a total of 14 points. At the introduction of semi-finals, Romania found their stride and were present in every Eurovision final until 2018. Romania’s best result is third place, scored twice in 2005 and 2010 respectively.

In 2022, Romania was represented by WRS with his song – “Llámame”. Performning at the second semi-final in Turin, Romania qualified for the final for the first time since 2017. At the close of voting in the final, Romania finished 18th in a field of 25, scoring 65 points.

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