🇷🇴 Adriana Moraru: “Each song has its own personality…you will not find two alike.”

🇷🇴 Adriana Moraru: “Each song has its own personality…you will not find two alike.”

Ahead of Selecția Națională on February 11th, Rosie interviews Adriana Moraru. She will participate the national final with her song “Faralaes”.

Hi Adriana! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us!

Hi guys,
First of all, thank you for this interview

You are taking part in Selecția Națională with your song “Faralaes”. Could you tell us a little bit about your song and what it means to you?

What does “Faralaes” means for me? It’s a dream come true, literally…I dream songs, it happens to me sometimes, but, in this case, I’ve had the chance to remember it the next day and finish the song, with the lyrics, at the piano. It’s a song written by a women, though for all the people, of course, but especially for womens. Encourages to never give up, to never stop fighting for your dreams.

You were born in Romania but moved to Spain when you were younger. How does your experience of living in different cultures influence your music?

Well, I think we are what we are for our experiences. In my case I feel lucky to have both cultures rooted in me. Each song I write, each poem, each painting, each script I write, everything I do have traits of both cultures and I think it’s a magical thing, I’m a mixture of both.

You’ve said that you like to write music in different languages, and you also studied foreign languages as well. This comes across really well in “Faralaes”, which is in Spanish! How do you like to use different languages in the music you create?

I like to connect with people and I think a good way to do it is using different languages. For example, I wrote a French song and I’m not sure that could work in Spanish or Romanian ,or even English…Each song has its own personality, they are like people: you will not find two alike. And that is what I want to convey with my music.

You’ve already had a lot of success in singing competitions in the past! How have your experiences at these prepared you for your performance at Selecția Națională?

Experience it’s important, of course, in this kind of competitions. But I think the most important thing is not to loose your innocence, that illusion you have inside you . It’s what makes everything special.

You’ve also worked as a model in international fashion shows before! Do you have any fashion inspirations?

I used to hahhaa, many years ago. I enjoy fashion a lot. I absolutely adore Jean Paul Gaultier, Zuhair Murad and, of course, the iconic Chanel. I would have loved to chat with her for a while.

Are you a Eurovision fan yourself? Do you have any favourite memories or songs connected to the contest?

Yes, of course I’m a fan. I’ve never missed an Eurovision final. Me and my family always bet about our favorites. I enjoy each song and I think Eurovision left such great hits: Euforia, Fuego, Heroes, etc…

Romania has yet to win Eurovision. What do you think they need to do to lift the trophy for the first time?

Yes,it’s shame. We’ve had great opportunities, such good singers and songs. What do we need to win? “Faralaes”, of course jajja. It’s a strong, happy and empowered song. And easy to remember.

Is there anything you can tell us about what we might expect from your performance at Selecția Națională this year?

All I can say is that you’ll see a strong song, with strong womens, a powerful choreography, consistent with the lyrics and the message it conveys with it.

When you’re not busy working on music, what do you like to do to relax?

When I’m not writing songs or scripts, I like to paint, swimming and direct short films. Maybe one day I’ll
be able to do my first movie, a musical, of course.

Finally, do you have any last words or messages that you would like to share with your fans over at That Eurovision Site?

I hope that people will enjoy my song and its positive energy, and don’t forget to fly “como un farala la es”. Hugs and kisses.

Selecția Națională 2023 will be held on February 11th. Out of the twelve competing songs, the winner will be chosen exclusively through public televoting.

About Adriana Moraru

Adriana Moraru was born in Romania, but moved to Spain at a young age. While she has taken detours to study languages, marketing and work as a fashion model, her love of music has been a constant ever since she was a child. She has achieved success in singing and karaoke competitions, including participating in Ploaia de Stele. “Faralaes” is her first time entering the national selection for Romania.

Romania’s Eurovision Journey

Romania joined the Eurovision family in the Eastern wave of enlargement, making their debut in 1994. Their entry – Dan Bittman’s “Dincolo de nori” – finished in 21st place with a total of 14 points. At the introduction of semi-finals, Romania found their stride and were present in every Eurovision final until 2018. Romania’s best result is third place, scored twice in 2005 and 2010 respectively.

In 2022, Romania was represented by WRS with his song – “Llámame”. Performning at the second semi-final in Turin, Romania qualified for the final for the first time since 2017. At the close of voting in the final, Romania finished 18th in a field of 25, scoring 65 points.

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Photo Credit: Adriana Moraru

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