🇮🇹 Sanremo 2023 Duet Partners Confirmed

🇮🇹 Sanremo 2023 Duet Partners Confirmed

Today, Festival Director Amadeus has revealed the duet partners for all 28 acts competing as part of Festival di Sanremo 2023. These duets will be performed as part of the fourth night of the contest, where the artists will cover a song from the 1970s, 80s, 90s or 2000s. These performances will take place on 10th February.

Sanremo 2023 Duet Partners

Competing ArtistDuet PartnerCover Night SongOriginal Artist
Anna OxaIliard Shava“Un’emozione da poco”Anna Oxa
ArieteSangiovanni“Centro di gravità permanente”Franco Battiato
Articolo 31FedezMedleyArticolo31
Colapesce DimartinoCarla Bruni“Azzurro”Adriano Celentano
Colla ZioDitonellapiaga“Salirò”Daniele Silvestri
Coma_CoseBaustelle“Sarà perché ti amo”Ricchi e Poveri
ElodieBigMama“American Woman”Guess Who
Gianluca GrignaniArisa“Destinazione Paradiso”Gianluca Grigiani
gIANMARIAManuel Agnelli“Quello che non c’è”Afterhours
GiorgiaElisa“Luce”/”Di sole e d’azzurro”Elisa/Giorgia
I Cugini di CampagnaPaolo Vallesi“Anima mia”/”La forza della vita”I Cugini di Campagna/Paolo Vallesi
LazzaEmma, Laura Marzadoni“La fine”Tiziano Ferro
LDAAlex Britti“Oggi sono io”Alex Britti
Leo GassmannEdoardo Bennato, Quartetto FlegreoMedlyEdoardo Bennato
LevanteRenzo Rubio“Vivere”Unconfirmed – possibly Andrea Boccelli and Laura Pausini, possibly Vasco Rossi
MadameIzi“Via del Campo”Fabrizio De André
Mara SatteiNoemi“L’amour Toujours”Gigi D’Agostino
Marco MengoniKingdom Choir“Let It Be”The Beatles
ModàLe Vibrazioni“Viene da me”Le Vibrazioni
Mr. RainFasma“Qualcosa di grande”Lunapop
OllyLorella Cuccarini“La notte vola”Lorella Cuccarini
Paola & ChiaraMerk & KremontMedleyPaola & Chiara
Rosa ChemicalRose Villain“America”Gianna Nannini
SethuBnkr44“Charlie fa surf”Baustelle
TananaiDon Joe, Biagio Antonacci“Vorrei cantare come Biagio”Simone Christicci
UltimoEros RamazzottiMedleyEros Ramazzotti
WillMichele Zarrillo“Cinque Giorni”Michele Zarrillo

What else do we know about Sanremo 2023?

Festival di Sanremo 2023 will take place between 7th – 11th February. 28 artists will take part in the contest – 22 established artists and 6 selected through Sanremo Giovani for newcomer artists. The shows will take place from the Teatro Ariston, Sanremo, across the five nights.

Here’s a little guide as to how each night of the contest will work!

NightWhat Happens?VotingHostsGuests
Night 1
(7th February)
14 artists will perform their competing entry.The press jury votes on night 1Amadeus
Gianni Morandi
Chiara Ferragini
Elena Sofia Ricci
Mahmood & Blanco
Night 2
(8th February)
The remaining 14 artists will perform their competing entry.The press jury votes on night 2 (and we receive a ranking of all 28 songs over the two nights)Amadeus
Gianni Morandi
Francesca Fagnani
Al Bano
Black Eyed Peas
Massimo Ranieri
Night 3
(9th February)
All 28 artists will perform their competing entry.The demoscopic jury and public vote on night 3Amadeus
Gianni Morandi
Paola Egonu
Peppino di Capri
Takagi & Ketra*
Night 4
(10th February)
All 28 artists will perform a cover of a song from the 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s with an invited guest.The press jury (33%), demoscopic jury (33%) and public (34%) vote on night 4Amadeus
Gianni Morandi
Chiara Francini
Night 5
(11th February)
All 28 artists will perform their competing entry, and the winner will be decided!The public vote on night 5, with the top 5 artists across all five nights making it to the podium, and a final vote across all three juries, weighted in the same way as night 4, determines the winner from theseAmadeus
Gianni Morandi
Chiara Ferragini
Gino Paoli
Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Guests marked with an * will perform on the floating stage – a cruise ship! Additionally, other notable Italian acts including Piero Pelù, Francesco Renga & Nek, Achille Lauro, La Rappresentante di Lista and Annalisa will perform live in the Colombo Square, near the Ariston Theatre, with clips of their performances broadcast during the live Sanremo shows.

Italy’s Eurovision Journey

Italy has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since the very beginning and has always been considered a powerhouse in the contest. Italy has won the contest on three occasions: in 1964, 1990 and 2021. After 1997, Italy withdrew for a while, returning again in 2011 with Raphael Gualazzi, who sang ‘Madness Of Love.’ Raphael placed second in the 2011 Eurovison Song Contest, scoring 189 points.

Italy’s most recent entry in 2022 was ‘Brividi’ by Mahmood and Blanco, performed on home soil after rock band Måneskin won the previous contest in 2021. At the close of voting, Italy scoring 268 points in the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final, placing sixth.

Which pairing are you the most excited for? What songs are you hoping to hear on covers night this year? As always, let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow ‘That Eurovision Site’ on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter as we prepare for Eurovision 2023.

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