🇮🇹 Marco Mengoni Wins Sanremo 2023

🇮🇹 Marco Mengoni Wins Sanremo 2023

After an arduous week of celebrating Italian music comes to an end Marco Mengoni has been crowned the winner of Sanremo 2023.

A night of fun in Sanremo

All 28 acts participated in the first round with the public voting in a pure televote. The top five acts of this round then performed again in a Gold Final. The winner of this round was decided by an equal weighting of televote, a jury, and a demiscopic vote; with the winner ultimately winning Sanremo 2023.

It is important to note that although Sanremo is used to decide Italy’s Eurovision act, it is not a traditional national final. The winner of Sanremo has the first right of refusal though they are not required to go to Eurovision, or use the winning song. The 2016 winners Stadio opted not to got to Eurovision, and second place Francesca Michelin went instead. In 2012 although Nina Zilli was selected to represent Italy, her Sanremo song ‘Per Sempre’ was not used, instead she opted for ‘L’amore e femina’. Though, the that year, the Eurovision entrant was decided by a separate jury, distinct from the jury that selected the winner of Sanremo as a whole. Should Marco Mengoni wish to go to Eurovision, this will be confirmed in a press conference tomorrow.

Marco Mengoni

This is the second time that Marco has won Eurovision having previously topped the 2013 vote, before going on to finish 7th at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. Upon being announced at the winner of Sanremo he dedicated this win to all the women who participated in Sanremo; which was of particular note at the super final consisted entirely of men.

Sanremo Final

Round One

2Colla Zio“Non mi va”20Eliminated
3Mara Sattei“Duemilaminuti”19Eliminated
5Colapesce Dimartino“Splash”10Eliminated
6Giorgia“Parole dette male”6Eliminated
10Marco Mengoni“Due vite”4Advanced
11Rosa Chemical“Made In Italy”8Eliminated
12I Cugini di Campagna“Lettera 22”21Eliminated
13Madame“Il bene nel male”7Eliminated
14Ariete“Mare di guai”14Eliminated
15Mr. RainSupereroi5Advanced
16Paola e Chiara“Furore”17Eliminated
18LDA“Se poi domani”15Eliminated
21Articolo 31“Un bel viaggio”16Eliminated
23Leo Gassman“Terzo cuore”18Eliminated
25Anna Oxa“Sali (Canto dell’anima)”25Eliminated
27Gianluca Grigiani“Quando ti manca il fiato”12Eliminated
28Sethu“Cause perse”28Eliminated

Round Two

ArtistEntryJuryTelevoteDemiscopic Result
4Marco MengoniDue Vite1st32.31%1st1st
5Mr RainSupereroi4th14.43%2nd3rd

This is of course the fifth night of Sanremo, and if you’d like a recap of night one, two, three, and four, they can be found in the links provided. We have also compiled a playlist of all of tonight’s acts:

Italy’s Eurovision Journey

Italy have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since the very beginning and have always been considered a powerhouse in the contest. Italy have won the contest on three occasions in 1964, 1990 and 2021. Italy did withdraw for a while after 1997, returning again in 2011 with Raphael Gualazzi who sang ‘Madness Of Love’ Raphael placed second in the 2011 Eurovison Song Contest after scoring 189 points. Italy’s most recent entry in 2022 was “Brividi” by Mahmood and Blanco, performed on home soil after rock band Måneskin won the previous contest in 2021. At the close of voting, Italy scoring 268 points in the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final, placing 6th.

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News Source: RAI

Photo Credit: Repubblica

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