🇱🇹 Petunija: “Every Person Who Hears The Song Can Be A Co-creator In Their Mind”

🇱🇹 Petunija: “Every Person Who Hears The Song Can Be A Co-creator In Their Mind”

Lithuania is gearing up their preparations for the final of Pabandom iš naujo! 2023. As artists look ahead to the final, which will take place tomorrow on February 18, Tim speaks with Petunija, who is vying to represent Lithuania in Liverpool with their song “Love of My Life”.

Check out our interview with Petunija right here!

During their interview, Tim and Petunija talked about the creative process of the song, what it would mean for her to represent Lithuania in Liverpool, as well as looking back into ther early memories of Eurovision.

About Petunija

The singer-songwriter has a long history with Lithuania’s Eurovision selections, now participating for the third time. Petunija first began her Eurovision journey back in 2016, when she participated in Eurovision Atranka with ‘Tomorrow’; and returned again in 2020 with ‘Show Ya’. 2023 marks the first time Petunija has managed to make the final after being eliminated in in the heats, and semi finals or 2016 and 2020 respectively.

Lithuania’s Eurovision Journey

The Baltic nation made its debut at the Eurovision Song contest in 1994, where Ovidijus Vyšniauskas represented them with the song “Lopšinė mylimai”, which placed 25th. Since then, Lithuania has participated 21 times and made the Grand Final 14 times. LT United gave Lithuania their best ever Eurovision result back in 2006, where the country placed 6th.

Lithuania’s latest Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by Monika Liu, participated with the song “Sentimentai”. Qualifying for the final, Lithuania finished in 14th place overall, with 128 points.

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Photo Credit: D. Umbras/LRT

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