🇦🇺 Voyager to represent Australia at Eurovision 2023 with “Promise”

🇦🇺 Voyager to represent Australia at Eurovision 2023 with “Promise”

A premiere on the Eurovision YouTube channel has revealed that Voyager will represent Australia at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Promise”. The reveal of the song and music video come following the news that Australia would hold an internal selection for Eurovision 2023.

Listen to the song here!

Voyager will be best-known to Eurovision fans after they placed second at Australia Decides in 2022 with “Dreamer.” The band formed in 1999 and have seen consistent success since, releasing 7 albums and touring internationally. The current line up includes Daniel Estrin, Simone Dow, Scott Kay, Ashley Doodkorte and Alex Canion.

Following the semi-final allocation draw, Australia will perform in the second half of semi-final two on the 11th May.

This year marks the final year of the contract which invited Australia to participate in Eurovision. It has not yet been confirmed whether this will be renewed for 2024 and beyond.

Australia’s Eurovision journey

Being the latest country to debut into the Eurovision Song Contest; Australia debuted into the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, with Guy Sebastian representing the land down-under with his entry “Tonight Again”, where they managed to place 5th. Since their debut, they have managed to participate every single year into the competition. In 2022, Australia was represented by Sheldon Riley, with his song “Not the Same”, which managed to qualify for the final and finish 15th, with 125 points.

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