🇵🇹 Full results of Festival da Canção 2023 revealed

🇵🇹 Full results of Festival da Canção 2023 revealed

As Portugal now prepares for Mimicat’s participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the full results of the national Festival da Canção have been revealed by Portuguese broadcaster RTP.

These were the results of Festival da Canção 2023

The first semi-final saw seven qualifiers, instead of the expected six. This was due to Esse Povo’s televote number not being active during the voting window. As a result, RTP allowed Esse Povo to qualify automatically to the final. The results from semi-final one are below.

DrawArtistSong TitleJury ScoreTelevote ScoreTotal ScoreResult
1.MoYah“Too Much Sauce”145Eliminated (4th in Round 2)
2.BOLHA“Sonhos da Liberdade”336Eliminated (3rd in Round 2)
3.April Ivy“Modo Voo”224Eliminated (2nd in Round 2)
5.Cláudia Pascoal“Nasci Maria”812201st
7.Mimicat“Ai, coração”127192nd
8.You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown“Contraste Mudo”510155th
9.Neon Soho“Endless World”6612Qualified (1st in Round 2)
10.Esse Povo“Sapatos de Cimento”4N/AN/AQualified automatically

The second semi-final saw six qualifiers make it to the final. Following the first round, three artists finished with the same score – Ivandro, Teresinha Landeiro and Dapunksportif. However, priority was given to the jury. As result, this allowed Ivandro to qualify from the first round of voting. The final results were as follows.

DrawArtistSong TitleJury ScoreTelevote ScoreTotal ScoreResult
1.Edmundo Inácio“A Festa”107171st
2.The Happy Mess“O Impossível”369Eliminated (5th in Round 2)
3.Teresinha Landeiro“Enquanto é tempo”7512Eliminated (4th in Round 2)
4.Bandua“Bandeiras”437Eliminated (3rd in Round 2)
5.Barbára Tinoco“Goodnight”121134th
6.INÊS APENAS“Fim do Mundo”68143rd
8.Dapunksportif“World Needs Therapy”21012Qualified (1st in Round 2)
9.Lara Li“Funâmbula”123Eliminated (2nd in Round 2)
10.Voodoo Marmalade“Tormento”512172nd

The final of Festival da Canção saw Mimicat emerge as the winner with her song “Ai, coração”. The specific televote percentages were revealed alongside the semi-final results. The specific televoting percentages are as follows:

DrawArtistSong TitleTelevoting PercentageTelevote ScoreTelevote Ranking
1.Cláudia Pascoal“Nasci Maria”8.21%47th
3.Esse Povo“Sapatos de Cimento”2.82%013th
4.Bárbara Tinoco“Goodnight”8.58%65th
5.You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown“Contraste Mudo”3.74%012th
6.Voodoo Marmalade“Tormento”9.02%74th
7.INÊS APENAS“Fim do Mundo”4.55%110th
8.Mimicat“Ai, coração”19.33%121st
9.Dapunksportif“World Needs Therapy”9.17%83rd
10.Neon Soho“Endless World”3.96%011th
12.Edmundo Inácio“A Festa”12.24%102nd

Portugal’s Eurovision journey

Portugal debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest with António Calvário’s “Oração” in 1964. Since then, Portugal has participated in the competition 53 times – appearing the final 44 times. Their only win in the competition came in 2017 with Salvador Sobral, performing his heart-wrenching song “Amar Pelos Dois”.

Portugal’s most recent participation was with MARO with the song “saudade, saudade”. MARO managed to qualify for the Grand Final and once there, she finished 9th, after receiving 207 points from the jury and the televote.

What do you make of the full results from Festival da Canção this year? Where did your favourite place in the semi-finals or the final? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we gear up for Eurovision 2023!

News Source: RTP

Photo Credit: RTP

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