🇧🇪 Gustaph: “A hat can really make or change an outfit”

🇧🇪 Gustaph: “A hat can really make or change an outfit”

At this year’s Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, Angus was joined by Gustaph for an interview. He will be representing Belgium at Eurovision 2023 with “Because of You”.

Check out our interview with Gustaph here!

Gustaph talks about what goes into picking a hat, how he met the vocalists that will join him on stage at Liverpool, and gives a tiny hint towards what we can expect in Liverpool. He also discusses the massive response to his song, and why the pre-parties are not only fun for fans, but also important for Eurovision.

About Gustaph

Gustaph is the stage name of Belgian singer, musician, and producer Stef Caers. He also has released music under the pseudonym Steffen, including hit single “Gonna Lose You”, released in 2000. Gustaph has some Eurovision experience under his belt already. He was the backing singer for Belgium in 2018 and 2021, the latter of which qualified to the final. Besides working in front of and behind the microphone, Gustaph also teaches music at University College Gent and University College PXL. You can watch our interview with him from before Eurosong 2023 by clicking here.

Belgium’s Eurovision journey

Belgium was one of the debutant countries at the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956. Back in 1956, countries could submit two songs, and for Belgium that year, ‘Messieurs les noyes de la Seine’ by Fud Leclerc and ‘Le plus beau jour de ma vie’ by Mony Marc represented the nation. To this day we do not know the final results of Eurovision 1956.

Belgium have taken part in every Eurovision Song Contest since 1956; however they have only ever won once; in 1986 with Sandra Kim singing the song ‘J’amie la vie’, scoring 176 points. In 2022, Belgium was represented by Jérémie Makiese with the song “Miss You”. Makiese came 19th scoring 64 points in the Grand Final.

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Photo Credit: Roen Lommelen

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