🇸🇮 Joker Out collaborate with Elvis Costello on new track “New Wave”

🇸🇮 Joker Out collaborate with Elvis Costello on new track “New Wave”

As Joker Out prepare to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, the band has released a new song together with two-time Grammy winner Elvis Costello.

Collaborating on both sides of the Atlantic

The collaboration between Joker Out and Elvis Costello stretches back to 2019. It came about when the godfather of former bass player Martin Jurkovič played ‘Novi Val’ to Costello. Despite his initial love for the song, it wasn’t until 2022 when the collaboration came to life. The Slovenian version of the track was then featured on the band’s second album – ‘Demoni’.

After the album was released, Elvis listened to the song once again and proposed English lyrics, which the band immediately welcomed. However, as Elvis Costello is currently in the midst of a USA-wide tour, the feature was made on both sides of the Atlantic. For the music video, Elvis filmed his parts of the song in a studio in New York. On the other hand, Joker Out travelled to Elvis’ hometown of Liverpool to film the remainder of the video.

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Joker Out’s road to Eurovision

Joker Out formed in 2016, and have become one of the most popular acts in the Slovenian music industry. A rock-indie group, the band describe their style as ‘shaggadelic’. Bojan Cvjetićanin, Jure Maček, Kris Guštin, Jan Peteh and Nace Jordan form the 5-piece band. Since debuting on the music scene in Slovenia they have released two albums. “Umazane misli” in 2021 and “Demoni” in 2022. These albums have received very positive receptions in Slovenia. “Carpe Diem” – their Eurovision 2023 song – was written solely by band member Bojan.

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