🎶 Eurovision music round-up: April 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: April 2023

Pre-party season has wrapped up, Eurovision has basically already started… That can mean only one thing: it’s April! With another month having passed, a lot of new music has of course been released. In this round-up of the best and biggest new Eurovision music related releases. So much so that you get an extra page this month, dedicated to all the new songs and versions by Eurovision 2023 artists!

The 2022 entries

Monika LIU – “Kodėl Tu Čia?”

Mother is back once again, this time serving us her amazing new single “Kodėl Tu Čia?” (Why Are You Here?). “Kodėl Tu Čia?” will be the title track of her upcoming album, releasing May 6th. The song is Monika LIU at perhaps her most musically adventurous yet, playing with a sound that sits somewhere between alt-rock, post-rock, and hints of chamber pop. Monika sings beautifully about a cheating partner over the absolutely banging music.

Cornelia Jakobs – “It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane”

Swedish band The Ark made quite the splash in Italy and Sweden with their debut album “We Are The Ark,” and especially with the single “It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane”. Now, Cornelia Jakobs has released a cover of the song, bringing her own unmistakable voice to this poprock track that builds from acoustic guitar to full band bombast.

MARO – “hortelã” (LP), “saudade, saudade (The Remixes)” (EP)

Finally it is here! MARO’s latest LP “hortelã” (mint) is out. All tracks except the title track had been out previously, as the Portuguese artist opted to release a song a week in the build up to release. “hortelã” the song released alongside “hortelã” the album, and it is another heartfelt acoustic guitar track. Lyrically, the song is an ode to MARO’s lover.

And MARO was far from done yet, as she went on to also release three remixes of her Eurovision entry “saudade, saudade”. carbeau, who has performed with MARO in the past, creates an electronic version with pitch-shifted vocals. Festival da Canção 2018 competitor Diogo Piçarra replaces the original instrumentation with a piano and some thumping beats. speeding up and slowing down the original version in parts. Finally, the Estonian artist NOËP presents perhaps the most conventional remix: slightly sped up vocals, a killer bass line and solid beat, and some extra guitar licks to top it off.

Julia Mestre feat. MARO – “Sonhos & Ilusões”

MARO did not only release an album this month, however! The Portuguese singer also appears on “Sonhos & Ilusões” (Dreams & Illusions), one of the tracks on the album “ARREPIADA” by Julia Mestre. It is the second solo album, by the Brazilian singer, who already has been enjoying major critical and commercial success solo and as a member of the band Bala Desejo. “Sonhos & Ilusões” is a beautifully soft and suitably dreamy track on which both singers shine.

Ochman – “8ball”

Poland’s 2022 representative Ochman keeps playing with his sound, building on his combination of rap and singing delivery by adding some electric guitars to create a sweeping sound for his new song “8ball”. The song was written by Ochman together with his frequent collaborators Karol Serek and Paweł Wawrzeńczyk.

We Are Domi – “We Are Domi” (EP)

We Are Domi have finally released their self-titled EP! The release bundles the group’s Eurovision entry “Lights Off” and previous singles “Alive”, “FU”, and “Paradise” together with two new tracks. “Say The Word” is a stripped back ballad that still stays true to We Are Domi’s signature sound, while closer “Golden” excellently builds up as a great slice of electro-pop.

Ronela Hajati – “TQR”, “SHTROJE ME LEK”

Back in February, Ronela revealed “Salvaje” to us, both live in San Marino and as a studio cut. Now, Albania’s 2022 representative is back with new track “TQR”. The song title is short for “Te Quiero Ronela,” Spanish for “I love you Ronela”. Ronela’s new track is set to be part of her upcoming album “Rron”. Both the song and the music video have the level of bombast we have come to expect from her.

But we are getting more than just Spanish from Ronela! This month she also released “SHTROJE ME LEK” (HIT ME UP) is, as the singer notes on Instagram, a bit of a sonical departure for her. Sparse beats and lyrics that, according to Ronela “should not be listened to with children in a car” (but I think that much was obvious already from the song title).

PIA MARIA – “Love Is a Circus”

PIA MARIA is back with her new single “Love Is a Circus”. The song, written by PIA, LOST, NAIR, and Richard Oliver, is another moody pop track by the Austrian. PIA MARIA says the song is about “toxic manipulation and dependency in relationships, that on the one hand can give you the best feeling in the world, but at the same time pull you into the abyss”.

Chanel, Abraham Mateo – “Clavaito”

It’s a new song by Eurovision 2022 podium finisher Chanel! “Clavaito” (Nailed) is a song about heartbreak pop track with strong bachata influences. The song was written and composed by Chanel, Abraham, and José Cano Carrilero.

BLANCO – “Innamorato” (LP)

BLANCO released the first single for his new album back in January, and now it is finally here. “Innamorato” (In Love) and accompanying single have shot straight to number 1 on the Italian charts, and the album has made it to the top 10 in Switzerland as well. The accompanying single “Un Briciolo Di Allegria” (A Bit Of Joy”) is co-headed by Mina, the best-selling Italian music artist of all time, and also appears on her new album “Ti amo come un pazzo” (I love you like crazy). Blanco’s new album clocks in at 12 tracks and sees him draw more than ever from Italy’s proud musical history while still being typically Blanco, so fans of his will find much to love here.

wrs – “I Like It” (with Gran Error), “One Family”

wrs is back with another party track, this time collaborating Gran Error. The Romanian duo are perhaps best known for their 2022 hit “Clap Clap,” which charted in a number of European countries. Meanwhile, new track “One Family” sees him sing about him having love for everyone and how, when we party, we are all just one big family.

Zdob și Zdub — Mioriţa (VRAJA Remix)

Mioriţa was released multiple years ago by the Eurovision regulars Zdob și Zdub on their album “Bestiarium”. Now, the track was re-imagined by VRAJA who turns the folk sound of our favourite Moldovan band into a electronic banger.

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