TEP Talks: Eurovision and academia part two: conference edition!

TEP Talks: Eurovision and academia part two: conference edition!

The weekend after Eurovision 2023, Shiloh and Rosie had the opportunity to present at “Love Love Peace Peace: Political and Queer Theory in Eurovision”, a workshop organized by the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. It was put together by Dr. Elad Carmel of the University of Edinburgh and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was supported by the Susan Manning Workshop Fund.

In this follow-up to our first Eurovision in academia episode, Shiloh and Rosie explain our own presentations, shout out other presentations that we enjoyed, and talk about where we’d like to see Eurovision research go next.

Rosie’s presentation was originally published as an editorial on That Eurovision Site; you can read it here.

Please note that this episode uses the word “queer” in an academic and reclaimed way throughout.

Correction: at one point in the episode, Shiloh references the workshop taking place in England when it actually took place in Scotland. Apologies to our Scottish listeners.

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News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: Eurovision.tv

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