🇲🇰 Tamara Grujeska’s Junior Eurovision 2023 entry to be released on October 16

🇲🇰 Tamara Grujeska’s Junior Eurovision 2023 entry to be released on October 16

Surprise surprise! as we have another Junior Eurovision 2023 entry being revealed today, as Tamara Grujeska’s entry for North Macedonia “Kazi Mi, Kazi Mi Koj (Tell Me Who)” will premiere today.

Music video to premiere within the hour

The announcement of their entry was revealed on the broadcaster’s social media account, with the video first airing on MRT 1, with the video then making its premiere on the official Junior Eurovision YouTube channel.

Tamara’s entry for Junior Eurovision 2023 was composed by Robert Bilbilov, who is also the producer, alongside Darko Dimitrov, both of whom have worked on numerous entries for North Macedonia in Eurovision and Junior Eurovision.

North Macedonia’s Junior Eurovision Journey

North Macedonia debuted in Junior Eurovision in the first edition of the Contest in Copenhagen in 2003. Their first entry was “Ti ne me poznavaš”, performed by Marija and Viktorija. At the close of voting, the duo finished in 12th place, earning 19 points. Since then, North Macedonia have taken part in 17 editions of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The only years which did not feature a North Macedonian artist were in 2012, 2014 and 2020; the last due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, North Macedonia was represented by Lara, Irina and Jovan, singing their song ” Životot E Pred Mene”. At the close of voting in Paris, the group finished in 14th position, receiving 54 points. Of these, 54 points came from online voting whilst the remaining 12 were given by the professional juries.

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