💰 Participation fees set to increase in time for Eurovision 2024

💰 Participation fees set to increase in time for Eurovision 2024

For many countries, preparations are now well underway for Eurovision 2024. One main cost involved in the Contest for broadcasters is the participation fees which allow them to take part and broadcast the show. Now, it has been said that the amount that fee broadcasters pay for participation is set to increase.

Participation fees hiked once again

Speaking to Éirevision, Ireland’s Head of Delegation Michael Kealy admitted that the EBU would be increasing the cost for broadcasters to compete in the show. Kealy added that the suggestions were made during the Head of Delegations meeting in Berlin back in September. The specific amount the fee has been raised by has not been revealed.

According to Kealy, he explained the cost increase was explained due to the Contest being “financially unsustainable”. RTÉ, who has regularly cited financial difficulties for poor results in the show, currently spends one third of its Eurovision budget on participation fees. In 2023, the station spent just shy of €106,000 on the ability to take part – an increase of €13,000 on 2022’s figures.

This is the second year in a row that participation fees have been hiked in the run-up to the Contest. Following the 2022 Contest that saw Russia expelled from the show, it was announced that costs would be increased. The increase in participation costs, together with the cost-of-living crisis pushed North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Montenegro out of the Contest. Though no specific details on how much the fees increased by, figures released by individual broadcasters revealed that participation has become more expensive.

A breakdown of participation costs was released by Romanian station TVR showed that in 2023, a total of €180,000 was spent on taking part. This is an increase of around €20,000 on their fees from Turin. Similarly, Spain’s RTVE published they spent over €347,000 for the pleasure of participation. This is an increase of €45,000 compared to their 2022 breakdown.

The story of Eurovision 2024 so far

Sweden will be hosting the 68th edition of the competition following Loreen’s historic win at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. One month after the 2023 Contest took place, SVT revealed the core team that will be working on the competition.

Four cities were in the running to host the 2024 edition of the competition (Gothenburg, Malmö, Örnsköldsvik and Stockholm), with SVT settling for Malmö as the host city. The competition will take place on the 7th, 9th & 11th of May at the Malmö Arena.

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News Source: Éirevision

Photo Credit: EBU

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