TEP Reviews: Eurovision 2017

TEP Reviews: Eurovision 2017

This week, we were very happy to be joined by Rosie’s boyfriend Lewis to reflect on the celebration of diversity that was Eurovision 2017, held in Kyiv, Ukraine! Together, we share our memories of the 2017 Eurovision season, divulge our top three entries, while also reflecting on the chaos of the organisation of the Contest. We also speak a little about the controversy of Salvador’s win, while contrasting the chaos of the year with the influx of memes that continue to humour Eurofans to this day!

What do you think of our opinions? Who was in your top three entries for 2017? Did the right song win for you? Please do let us know what you think by getting in touch below! Also we’d love to take this opportunity to thank Lewis for filling in for Tim as he saves the world, one pop catastrophe at a time!

A link to this episode on Apple Podcasts is available here.

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