The Roop’s “Discoteque” will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

The Roop’s “Discoteque” will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

It’s been a long 4 weeks following Pabandom iš naujo 2021, however we at last have a winner and that is “Discoteque” which is sung by The Roop, The song received top marks by both the jury and the televote. The Roop received a huge 74,000 votes from Televoters nearly 70,000 more than the 2nd placed act Gebrasy.

The Roop were originally meant to represent Lithuania in 2020 with their song “On Fire”, and they were big fan favourites to win the 2020 contest. Due to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 they never got to compete sadly, therefore The Roop had a fast track to this year’s Pabandom iš naujo final with their song “Discoteque”! Which you can listen to here:

And what does our team think of The Roop’s Discoteque, you can see all our opinions down below:

Jazzi – “Discoteque” is amazing, it’s fun and it doesn’t take itself too seriously which after a year like 2020 I think we all need, I feel this is definitely in with a shot of beating their best ever result of 6th set by LT United and We Are The Winners all the way back in 2006!

Rory – I’m not surprised we’ve managed to get “Discoteque” in Eurovision 2021. The song is so infectious, it buries itself in your head and you end up hearing the song for hours. This is currently my #2 behind Ukraine but given the reaction to “On Fire” and its legacy, I’m totally expecting this to give Lithuania its best placing ever!

Rosie – The Roop: This was The Roop’s to lose, and I’m delighted that they haven’t let us down this year. It’s a fantastic song, born from the pandemic, with the same quirk and joy as On Fire but a deeper, more complex sound. I love this song and seeing Lithuania get behind it too is a joy.

Tim – The Roop, this was not a surprise. They deserve it, the staging and the song itself is very unique, and this will go very far in this year’s contest, it’s very catchy, and you will have the Tik-Tok fandom going crazy for this.

And we had a special guest helping us out this week with Live Tweeting the National finals so we only thought it was right to include him in this article! Here are Andrew’s thoughts on The Roop’s song

Andrew – Discoteque: The Roop somehow manage to turn the pandemic into such a fun tune that has instant appeal. The stage show pops both with the yellow jumpsuits and choreography you can’t help but want to attempt. It completely owns its quirkiness and charm in a way On Fire never did for me, and I think it’ll definitely be one to watch in Rotterdam.

And that is our opinion on The Roop’s “Discoteque” What is your opinion and do you think there was something better in the selection be sure to let us know!

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