Hooverphonic’s The Wrong Place to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021

Hooverphonic’s The Wrong Place to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021

Belgian trio Hooverphonic have today released their song for Eurovision 2021, The Wrong Place. Listen to their song here!

Hooverphonic were the prospective Belgian entry for Eurovision 2020 with Release Me, and were invited back by VRT and RTBF following the cancellation of last year’s event. Since then, they have replaced their lead singer, Luka Cruysberghs, with former member Geike Arnaert. They will perform in the second half of semi-final 1 at the contest.

What do we think of their entry?

Jazzi – ‘The Wrong Place’ gives me strong Lana Del Rey vibes. This instantly feels more impactful than Release Me, however I am not sure how this will fare in a very strong competition this year. It could do well with the juries however it may just get a little lost for the televote. Overall this is an objectively a good song however not sure if it’s a qualifier or not in such a strong field.

Rory – Luka might not be back this year, but Hooverphonic has really pulled out the stops this time round! The song is far more attention grabbing than Release Me, and it is by all means a good foot-tapper. I really like the sound of this and this could become I’ve of my favourites VERY quickly.

Rosie – First of all, I love the music video. It’s gorgeous and atmospheric and beautifully-shot. I also like the song. but I’m not sure that the song alone has enough to stand out amongst such a strong field in Rotterdam. It’s going to need some very strong staging and a good live performance to give it a chance of qualification – not that it’s a non-qualifier now, but it’s really going to have to make sure it’s memorable for viewers, and I’m not sure the song alone is.

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