TEP Previews: Eurovision 2021 (Part 1)

TEP Previews: Eurovision 2021 (Part 1)

As we edge ever closer to the beginning of rehearsals in May, it’s time to delve into our deep thoughts on the competing songs. Therefore, we start to review each of the songs competing in the first half of the first semi-final. We also give our thoughts on Israel, who revealed the revamped version of “Set Me Free”.

We also recorded this episode hours before Belarus was officially disqualified from Eurovision 2021. As a result, our references to Belarus are now….rather outdated.

What do you think of our opinions in this podcast? Do you think we have a winner in this block of songs? Which of the songs we talked about is your favourite? As always, tell us in the comments below or at social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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