TES In Depth: Russia’s Manizha with ‘Russian Woman’

TES In Depth: Russia’s Manizha with ‘Russian Woman’

Today we continue our in depth reviews with Russia’s entry ‘Russian Woman’ which will be sung by Manizha at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Russia will perform third in the First semi final. If you want to hear our review then take a quick look at our video below:

A look into Manizha’s career.

Manizha is a Russian-Tajik singer and song writer. Manizha’s career started back in 2003 as a child singer, since then she has been in three separate groups before launching her solo career. Manizha entered Russia’s national final in 2021 and won with her song ‘Russian Woman’.

Our takes on ‘Russian Woman’


Opinion: I will admit at first I wasn’t sure on this song. In time this song has grown on me a lot and I really hope this gets a good result for Russia. This feels quite different to what Russia usually send and I like that. I will admit this entry could however be a bit risky as jurors may not get it, but I hope it’s a risk that pays off.

Overall Placing: 13th

Prediction: 5th-8th in the semi final. 8th -13th in the final.


Opinion: When the song was first chosen, I liked it but I didn’t think it would take me by surprise. However, after every listen, I become more and more hooked. The female empowerment message is incredible (especially coming from Russia), and Manizha is a defiant woman who sells the song with so much conviction. It could turn some televoters off due to its everchanging kookiness, but I expect this to be a dark horse – at least I hope so!

Overall Placing: 1st

Prediction: 3rd-7th in the semi-final. 5th-10th in the final.


Opinion: It took a while for Russian Woman to really work for me, but it’s firmly in my favourite songs this year now. I love the blend of styles, the powerful lyrics and the way Manizha absolutely sells this live. It’s certainly unique, but an absolute joy, and I hope that this resonates with the audience. There’s a chance that it could be a little *too* strange for some, but I hope that the strength of Manizha’s voice and message will carry it through and give it a good result.

Overall Placing: 15th, but I probably need to redo these!

Prediction: Either 11th/12th in the semi or top 10 in the final. There is no in-between with this song.

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Photo Credit: Manizha

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