TES In Depth: Sweden’s Tusse with ‘Voices’

TES In Depth: Sweden’s Tusse with ‘Voices’

Next up on our review journey is the Eurovision powerhouse themselves Sweden and they will be represented by Tusse with the song ‘Voices’. You can take a look at what we think of voices in this video below:

Tusse’s career so far

Tusse may only be 19 years old, but he has already achieved quite a lot in his career. He won Swedish Idol back in 2019, and went on to win Melodifestivalen 2021. What makes Tusse’s win even more special is that he was up against former Melodifestivalen winners such as Eric Saade and The Mamas. Tusse will ‘Voices’ 4th in the first Semi Final at Eurovision 2021.

Our take on ‘Voices’


Opinion: Voices is a very clean, well sung track. This what we come to expect of Sweden at Eurovision, this doesn’t really take any risks, however Tusse is an amazing performer. I expect another good result for Sweden at this years contest.

Overall Placing: 15th

Prediction: Top 3 in the Semi Final. 5th-10th in the Final.


Opinion: Sweden in Eurovision to me is very much the overrated country. This doesn’t entirely dispel that same thought. There’s no denying Tusse is a phenomenal vocalist and I think this song could not have been sung by a more fitting artist. However, I think the song lets him down and to see this as a potential winner just makes me wonder if anything Sweden sends would be considered “winner vibes”. Sweden, you can do better.

Overall Placing: 27th

Prediction: 1st-4th in the semi-final. 5th-10th in the Grand Final.


Opinion: I still feel very conflicted over Sweden’s entry this year, because I really wish that Tusse had won Melfest maybe in a year or two’s time with a much stronger song. It’s a credit to him as a performer that he sells this wonderfully, and he has fantastic stage presence, but the song itself feels like a let down. I like the song, and enjoy listening to it, but it still feels like a very safe and rather generic entry. I fully expect this to do well, but I’d love to see what Tusse can do with something more interesting.

Overall Placing: 21st

Prediction: A definite qualifier, and left hand side in the final. I could see this making the top 5, though feel it would take away from much stronger and more songs in doing so.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘Voices’

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Photo Credit: Gustav Ike and Streetchic Media

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