TES In Depth: Slovenia’s Ana Soklič with ‘Amen’

TES In Depth: Slovenia’s Ana Soklič with ‘Amen’

That Eurovision Site continues our in depth reviews of this year’s Eurovision entries. Next up performing second in the first semi final is Slovenia, who will be represented by Ana Soklič with the song ‘Amen’. If you want to hear our in depth review if this song then watch this video below:

A look into Ana Soklič’s career

Ana has been in the music business since all the way back in 2004. Ana much like a lot of the other participants this year won the right to represent Slovenia at Eurovision back in 2020. Last year Ana was meant to sing Voda, which was in the native Slovenian language, however this year Ana has opted to sing her song ‘Amen’ in English. Ana was internally selected in 2021 to represent her country, which usually opt to use a national selection EMA.

Our takes on Slovenia’s ‘Amen’


Opinion: This genre of music really is not my thing, therefore it is not very high in my overall top. However I think Ana is an amazing vocalist, and I do think the juries in particular will take that into consideration when voting. I don’t really see a place for it in the final however.

Overall Placing: 37th

Prediction: 12th-15th in the semi, I would be shocked if this qualified.


Opinion: What I like about “Amen” is that it is one the few songs that is out and out a ballad, which is in short supply this year. It’s just a shame that Ana has to perform after one of the overall fan favourites of the year. This is a solid entry from Slovenia but I doubt it is going to be making any waves.

Overall Placing: 29th

Prediction: 14th in the semi-final, though not completely chanceless.


Opinion: As a former choir child, I really enjoy the instrumentation of this song and the way it builds. Ana’s voice is incredible, and it’s clear that her own experiences and beliefs are threaded throughout every aspect of this. I can see this doing well with the juries, but worry that the lyrics might be too alienating to resonate with large swatches of the Eurovision audience. There’s something very beautiful about it, but it feels a bit too distant to connect with, and the messaging a little too heavy.

Overall Placing: 27th

Prediction: 13th-15th in the semi-final.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘Amen’

As ever, it’s not just us at TES that have opinions on this year’s entries. Let us know what you are making of Slovenia’s ‘Amen’ in our poll below:

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Photo Credit: Adrijan Pregelj

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